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Merry Christmas From Germany!

Posted by MindChamber - December 22nd, 2009

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Big Props to Xamuel7 and his team for translating, as well as remastering Frost'D . Its pretty professional and hilarious.

Oh and Im still compiling that hiphop artist list here

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Frohe Weihnachten



Frostie's voice sounds so retarded in German! When he walks away from the fire, before breaking his leg, he sorta sounds like a molester yelling "This is the good stuff Timmy!"

Und schöne Ferien, Mindchamber!

that actually sounded really good.

happy holidays everyone!


First time viewing this flash,never actually seen the english version. Frosty scarred the crap out my little sister. I thought it was the shiza.

frohe weinachten mindchamber
ich liebe dich xDDDD

that was hilarious

it wouldve been funnier if frosty took a white shit on the boys chest :3

Always liked this animation, really great, and now we german speaking people can enjoy it to. Für das Deutsche Volk Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr mein Freund.

Merry fucking christmas.

That was amusing :3

Cumin ze her bitter!

LOL still funny even though I know no geman whatsoever. Great job Xamuel7 !

Informative, now I know how to say "Get the fuck out of the way kid" in German.

oh god thats brutal

Man, I just don't know what to say. That was such a creepy ending. Ugh. And on another note, are you from Germany? I don't know why else this would be German, unless your friends are. Ah well. Still heartwarmingly creepy.
Hey, no mean to spam, but I'm about to post before today's done. I advertised you, some other well known NGers and some lesser known artists in this post-in-progress in the hopes of getting their names circulated about to promote good, healthy criticisms and motivation for better work. The effect will be most apparent on the lesser known users. So, if you could, what with your connections and all, get this out on the grapevine? I only did this via comment because a) it came to mind while I was commenting and b) it helps advertise it without effort on your part. I'm still working on it, but I want the attention to go towards helping these unknown users. Not that they couldn't help themselves, just that I wanted it to be a collective thing. And I do like attention, yes :3. Kinda can't help it. But at least I hope to do them (and you) some good! Thanks and Merry Christmas!

In the north pole, gambling with the elves,


It's important that amazing flashes from Newgrounds be subbed or dubbed for the whole world to enjoy.

Thank goodness there are NG users who are willing to invest the time!


i nto have idea of what shit say, this not have a lyric ?

How sweet. They gave you such a nice christmas present. WHAT DID YOU GET THEM?

the same thing you got them.

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