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DeskTop Posts are lame!

Posted by MindChamber - October 30th, 2007

I Think I win at busiest Desktop in the office.

Bob's a close second with Jeff's comin in at an almost apathetic third.


this is a bit off topic but just as important. especially to all the pretentious bastards out there.

I came across this amazing quote, by an animator I've always admired.

"The art of cartooning is vulgarity. The only reason for cartooning to exist is to be on the edge. If you only take apart what they allow you to take apart, you're Disney. Cartooning is a low-class, for-the-public art, just like graffiti art and rap music. Vulgar but believable, that's the line I kept walking." ~Ralph Bakshi

In other News Robocop Cranks it

DeskTop Posts are lame!


wow. :O

Meh, Bob's is much busier, you just have a lot of icons, even if they are a bit disorganized.

so Bobs's desktop is more organized? haha

Bob has the most items on his desk HE WINS !!!

I couldn't stand to have my desktop that busy. I've got 4 icons, everything else must be in another place.

Bigger screenshot size? When I see desktops, I like looking at documents/software/games :)

Also, I think Bob has a much busier one. Not only it's disorganized but the wallpaper makes it much worse. No hard feelings Bob :P

Bob's is WAAAY busier, I think.

go away until you buy a mac.

Nope,I think Bob's one is way worst :O

You win at busiest, but it's organized. Like a brothel vs. street alley of whores.

The problem with Bob's is that it looks like you can't make out all the icons.

I don't have a single icon on my desktop ^_^

lol my whole desktop screen is full of icons :D


I have Bakshi's "Heavy Traffic" on dvd.

It makes me go :>

So, i heard you like eMule huh?

mustive squinted your eyes a long time for that. I wish I had that type of free time on my hands

that's cool

No, man. I recognized the icon cuz i have it on my desktop.

Besides i used the Windows Magnifier.
Para variar los monopolios sirven :P

haha .. like I said to much time.

Wizards was awesome as was Coonskin AKA Streetfight. :3 I still hate rotoscoping though.

I agree it was overused, most likely do to the fact he had like a team of 50 or somethin and was trying to finish a full length feature. even he regrets it now.

I definitely support that quote. Your desktop is awesome as well.

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