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JEAH!!!! NG HH is gettin RAW!!

Posted by MindChamber - April 14th, 2010

The end is near for the first ever Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition! We've got four of our MC Knock Out tracks up on the front page and loads of tracks coming in. The art is coming a little bit slower, but that will change quickly.

Newgrounds Hip Hop Art Competition
I have announced prizes for the art competition!! The deadline is this Sunday at midnight NG time!
1st Place: $50 in store credit
2nd Place: $30 in store credit
3rd Place: $20 in store credit

Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2010
The copyright free battle is over, but all other comps have been extended until next Sunday at midnight NG time.

NGHH MC Knock Out Round 2
We started with 20 MC's, and it is now down to 10 battling it out in round 2. To hear the battles from round one Click Here!

Also, check out some of the tracks from the competition so far!

Time Trials - lyrik/shaggy
Battle For Newgrounds - KOA
Sample Battle - GunstarGreene
Newgrounds Sample Battle - DJ-Delinquent
Copyright Free Battle - S-Rock

Btw Prizes for the other competitions havent been finalized, but there will be something up for grabs.

And below is an art submission from Aigis

JEAH!!!!   NG HH  is gettin RAW!!

Comments (47)

could be a future NG hh album cover..

Yea..like people still care about hip hop, gramps.

get back at me when youve graduated from the world of failed blocky character clones. my N.

That submission from Aigis was the most straight thing Ive ever seen.

lol im in this like swimwear

For what Darnell is negro and rulez the audio portal ?

haha shut the fuck up,

you're negro jokez aint funny, never have been.

I care

sweet =D

KOA is kind of a big deal. Just sayin'

Never understood the allure of hiphop.
Just seems to be subpar stream of consciousness monologues mixed with fronting and simple verse/chorus musical structures.
To each his own I guess.

I tried to join - and was laughed at .. laughed at I say.

dont fret pale...
there will always others to support you

it's almost over? aww...

I'm working on some art for that contest coolio right

iconicicon is wack like b.a.b. and I lost because I thought he was half braindead and I didnt want pick on a moron there I said it

lol, maybe you'll get'em next time



please be annual.

I like the contest but I seem to like the unpopular guys better haha


ehhhh, I was working on something, but me rapping in english sucks.

sorry, maybe in 10 years :)

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