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Congrats to all the Robot Day winners! Store Credit.. etc

Posted by MindChamber - July 20th, 2010

The first Robot Day went on without a hitch, for the most part, so let me take a moment to congratulate all the winners, and let you guys know that once Tom gets back from Comic-con he'll be writing out them checks asap!

Now for any of the winners that would rather have store credit instead, just reply to this post and I'll hook you up!.

So far Store Credit given to:

I'm already hearing ideas on how we plan to make the next Robot Day even more exciting!!

Also I had a minigame for robotday that kinda fell through the cracks, but it should be up on the site hopefully be the end of next week. So keep a look out for that.

Congrats to all the Robot Day winners! Store Credit.. etc

Comments (35)

i'll take store credit instead of cash, thanks! and the game looks...like a lot of poisonous gaseous explosions?


lol you can't make a day and not participate!


what up mind - so a bit confused as to how the payments with work with the raegeous 7 crew - ne chance u could shoot me a pm to figure it out! thanks man - the day was an utter blast! *newgrounds fever*

basically you guys gotta sit down and divide the prize, from there, then I would need a list of who gets what, then anyone that wants their share in credit can contact me, or wait for the crew to come back for comic-con for their check.

No awards for the mindchamber hentai? chamber, I am dissapoint...

Can't wait for the game, looking good! :3

I'll take store credit instead. Thanks dude.


i guess nobody liked my robot angel but osuka = /
and those other.....kids ¬_¬

aww well, grats too all who won and good luck next year to those who didnt


tissues are provided over at the lit forums


MindChamber, mindchamber, mindchamber, Jose Ortiz.... Go to Comic-Con.

when theres a newgrounds booth, Ill go.

That looks like a lag fest -.-

its all raster art and no filters, so no.. it isnt

*sniff* these tissues feel like sandpaper *cries*

what about the flash that got daily first on robot day then was blammed, im pretty sure that was a hitch

well what do you think happened,

was mean man, props on the idea. i'm not fussed about the money, send me a bunch of stickers or something instead :D

store credit it is, lol

The pic looks freaking awsome, but then again so does all of your art!

The Poetry & Art Collab prize (thanks again for that!!) should go to Charity (for bewbs). I'm assuming that's something you guys will take care of, but if there's anything I need to do, let me know!

That game looks like it's gonna be intense! ...PE? lol :P

Lol PE Fo' Life... congrats on winning, and donating for a good cause!

Can I have $100 in store credit since weve been best friends since the second grade


That Robot does not have a penis?

no it has a vagina, like you :3

Lookin' forward to the game!

was a awesome day. tnx for bringing it live.

*looks at pic*
I see asplosions. I like.

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