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Madness Divinity, movies,voices and Programming Bromance.

Posted by MindChamber - December 3rd, 2010

Madness Divinity
Been quietly chipping away at Madness Divinity. Unfortunately I got caught up in other projects and missed the deadline. The good news is I ended up adding an extra 30-40 seconds of story. It really gives it more of a short movie vibe than say With my Minds madness. Its the least I can do after Bjra kicked so much ass with the song he created for this short. Also, I plan to have Hank talk in this one, which is a nono I know, but it really adds some much needed gravitas to the action.Tomamoto is taking a shot at Hank and I cant wait to see what he comes up with. I still need one more voice though. The voice of God. Or Goddess, since its a female . If anyone out there can do a nice earthy Female voice. Something Similar to the Voice of the Locust queen in Gears or War or, the Borg Queen from Star Trek First Contact. i would love to hear from ya.

Short Movie
Originally MD was suppose to be released on Madness Day, but alot of my free time was being used to edit a short movie for a local contest in Philly. That contest has long come and gone, but I was never happy with the submission as some of the scenes were incomplete. I had forgotten to buy this for doing my composition shots, so now I have to manually mask each frame. It did get get props for best music and animation. So let me take a minute to thank xKore for letting me use his music on that short. I should have that short up on youtube in a few weeks. Also a big thanks to the voice actors, Sapphire did an excellent job

Artist/ programmer Bromance

After my next project I'm looking for a programmer to go steady with :3 Something hot and Steamy like the TommyUtah or the BomLuis love. Someone whos good at making all sorts of games, but is partial to Brawlers, fighters, and beat'emUps. I have a platformer/brawler puzzle game Idea that Id like to share with someone's who has the time and is also committed.

Ohh yeah GasMasQ's albums out!

Madness Divinity, movies,voices  and Programming Bromance.


Do you still have your soul patch?


Ah, I was wondering what happened to your madness entry. Gonna wait till next madness day to submit it?

probably not, Ill upload it whenever I finish it

I wondered what happened to that! I had fun voicing the ghetto chick. Can't wait to see the film. :)

yes you rocked it

BomToons is amazing at those types of games you listed.

Just wait for them to split up (Trouble in bed) and catch Bom on the rebound.



PsyChamber sounds pretty badass but sadly I'm pretty invested into my own projects. Good luck on the programmer search though!


Uggghhh I hate brawlers... so much art needed to be drawn for them... I would more than likely make one if I didn't have to do the art. wait a second...

lol MindSmack has a good ring to it

Aww mang, I thought you had that sort of bromance with FrostedMuffin. Did he just not have enough time on his hands to make lots of stuff or something else?

hes pretty busy with Work,school and family.

I am a programmer... I think

Doot doot doot doot doot~

Neat stuff ya got goin' there~

.... :3

As much as I try, I cannot rationalise that shrimp thing.

they're delicious!

What is that worm shrimp thingy?

Madness Divinity sounds awesome, I'm not a huge madness fan but I always enjoy your perspective on the series. Its also brilliant that youre looking for a programmer to work with, looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Also wtf is up with this spamming!

Shrimp are not "delicious"! Every time I eat one I feel like I need to throw up. This is my one and only weakness. Well that and my ingrown toenail.... What was I talking about again?

Oh yeah, is hank anywhere in that shot?

I cant wait to see your Madness movie. The last one that you made was really great :D

Dude I suggest you the 3.75" Muslin Clamps, Bag of 6 for the green screen, helps a lot.

sorry Im not muslim :(

bomtoons is mormon, maybe he's into multiple partners?

ewww,.. who knows where else that code has been :x

lol i didt expected that answer XD

Can you explain to me what's the Blue and Green thing is for again?

dont know what you are talking about

all i can say is....keep doing what youre doing, youre awesome at what you do
also, good luck finding bromance, i know you'll find someone someday...

t-thanks... :* )

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