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Some Cool upcoming contests to check out

Posted by MindChamber - March 7th, 2011

New York Television Festival

My friend just linked me to this, and I thought it would be a good idea to share it with the rest of you guys.

(just make sure to read the fine print as Im sure they rape you of all your rights to whatever you are submitting)

Anyways, I was getting Some voting fatigue with all the front page posting turning into

"Hey guys, sign up to a site you'll never visit again, and vote on my submission to a contest I didn't tell anyone else about to better my chances! lol"

I thought I'd mix it up and post the actual contest first.

I think I might be submitting to this as well, but vote for me ONLY if you like what I've submitted.


I will vote for you only if I like what you submitted. Also, I would have voted for you, anyway.

lol, nice to know you got the message

just cause they didn't post it on newgrounds you assume they didn't tell others to better their chances?

frankly I dont give a fuck what their reasons are for not posting these contests on NG, but it would be nice if people who stumble across these contests shared their information with other aspiring artists and not just use NG as a voting well.

well, I like most of your stuff, so whatever your submitting will proboly be just as awesome

You might as well say that you're trying to take up a little bit more of space in your post by inserting text that clearly won't be followed, but I assume it's a try. Although I hope you do realize that some of the Newgrounds community is so lathargic when it comes to voting that they just want a simple get'n'go on experience points, blams, saves, or winnings for their authors that, for some odd instance, always get front-paged here on Newgrounds whenever they have submitted just one thing that really isn't worth crap.

Whether I'm making sense or if I'm just speaking French, then you ought to just forget the whole dream of "I hope one day that there's a Newgrounds community that will look at the practical quality of a submission and what it does for Newgrounds rather than just saying 'OMG, it's (insert author name here)'s submission! Givin' a five!'"

You getting my drift?

"-but vote for me ONLY if you like what I submitted."

Completely implying that there may be a chance that we won't like your work (Which in reality, determined by statistics and logistics, it is a clear fact that we can't really dislike the works you create).

lol, stop that

"vote for me ONLY if you like what I submitted."

Will do Mc.

You told me once that 'one' should always be honest.

word ta big bird

What about newgrounds rumble 2

what about it

You will make or not.


if negativeone and I can make the time to, then yes.

If we can't make the time, then no.

so whens your new game? :3

lol god only knows :3

everyone if you support that mind chamber should make newgrounds rumble 2 say "E"


well this comment was pointless

Can I have a job?


Happy Birthday :)

Thank you :3

you sir! have been voted