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Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011

Posted by MindChamber - March 14th, 2011

Reposting BigReds NG HH Comp!

The Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011 is upon us! The MC Knock Out is well underway and people are welcome to submit tracks to the other various competitions. For official rules and announcements check out BigRed's news page (bigred.newgrounds.com).

Deadline for submissions: April 20th
Prizes to be announced soon!

Official Rules and Announcements
Art Competition
NGHH 2011 Discussion Thread

Go to the NG store and Purchase a Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2010 Album

If you want your vote to count send me a PM to register your username. Then leave a review stating which MC you think won the battle and an explanation of why they won. You should comment on content and delivery at the very least.
Tournament Bracket (designed by MadFLeX)

hellbound182 vs THEICONICICON Beat by MustyElbow
TehSlapHappy vs QSIK Beat by Wyze-Stingray
HeIsAlive vs illmortal Beat by Kamikazi1
MadFlex vs RESPECT Beat by JakobePaulobe
JoeyKeys vs PiGPEN Beat by Sirhc7000
Waus-Collectief vs Murdaa Beat by GunstarGreene
Ockeroid vs Moniker Beat by B-RadGfromOV
n1k-mug vs suddlenuance. Beat by Shaggyhaired
Cynic vs boss Beat by Dj-Delinquent
SKS vs Smorgishmorg Beat by EternalXIII
NimbusTheGeneral vs MickeyMao Beat by Bojangles
Rahmemhotep vs Self: The Bluest Eye Beat by teddygram
Broken-Needle vs glitchs2d Beat by BigWon
Greenskullkid vs RetributionVox Beat by janiev
GasMasq vs Wyze-Stingray Beat by blackattackbitch
SteveGuzzi vs EpilepsyTroll Beat by MustyElbow

Submitted tracks will be posted to this page as they come in. Format your track title like this: "NGHH'11 - Comp - Username" Make sure your track description contains what is required from the comp you are entering.

NG Sample Battle
No submissions yet.

Every element in this submission needs to be sampled from the NG audio portal, even the drums and bass. In your submission note which tracks you sampled and what you sampled, then link to it. If you can't explain where a sound came from you will be disqualified. Also, don't just copy and paste tracks together, really try to cut them up and turn your samples into something new.

Tag Team
No submissions yet.

For this comp an MC needs to partner up with a producer to double team a track. The MC's need to use as many of the words as they can and will be judged on correct usage, pronunciation, and the quality of your rhymes among other things. The producer has to build their track with the Sounds to Include. You can have more stuff in your track, as long as you hit upon each sound. These don't need to be samples, you can try and just mimic something. In the track description MC's need to post their lyrics and producers need to explain what they did for each sound.

MC Topic: Hip Hop is not Dead
MC Words to use: megalomania, vicissitude, WikiLeaks, Ithyphallophobia, Dr. Strangelove, floccinaucinihilipilification, Occam's Razor, serotonin, Charlie Sheen, syncopation

Producers sounds to include: Film Noir, Miles Davis, and a Cartoon theme song.

Sample Battle
Download the sample pack here: http://www.mediafire.com/?sjq6t585ksiw dfi

You can ONLY use audio from this pack. You must use the drums and bass in the kit, you may NOT use anything of your own. In the track description describe what samples you used and what you did with them. Diversity is key, try to really chop these things up and mash them all together. Transitions and a beat that varies is nice too. Download and get choppin!

The Shoulders of Giants
No submissions yet.

This is a comp for producers and the end result should be an instrumental track dedicated to a famous hip hop producer. There are no rules regarding what audio you use in these submissions. VSTs, your own recording, samples, whatever. You have to mimic the style of the hip hop producer you chose. In your track description you need to link to a few examples from this producer and then explain what you did that was based on their work

Art Competition
Want to design the next NGHH album cover? Submit an album cover to the art competition! For details click here

The picture below is of the album design produced by contest winner BizarroJoe. You can purchase that album here.

Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011


Last years NGHHC was amazing. I have no doubt this one will, too.

good looks

r.i.p. nate dogg

:( ......


Mindchamber continue to do a goodjob for your games xD .

Ill try thanks

Wow thanks for the smack down on ssf4 with el fruitcake.

Hoping we'll play some more in the near future

:3 .

How many times can we submit to the sample battle?

You're allowed two entries per comp.

thanks BG

fucking cool!

hip...hop...... .... (?) ..... hup ?

Jose im going to make you suck this man meat muther FUCK!

you know me?


U SUCK!!!!!!!11

hiii111 is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

he is

Great job on your Pico Project.