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After a Year Red Baron still gettin' Da' Love'

Posted by MindChamber - December 14th, 2007

Man time flies. I can't believe last month marked Red Baron's year on the Portal.
Despite a few flaws, Baron still gets Frosty and I alot of E-mails. Some good , some not so good, but the fact that people Still play this game to this day is a testament of the love and effort we put into that game. Originally Baron was simply an Idea I came up with to use characters from sprite I've made long ago. That evolved into a small contest on my site for everyone to chip in sprites they might have made before or wanted to make.
The Contestants were displayed in the form of an American Idol Parody. Once everything was in place. PsychoGoldish was orginally going to code the game, but got busy(lazy) XD, and I was off searching for another Coder. I had just finished NightStrike with GlaielGamer and asked him if he had any suggestions as to who could best do the job. he pointed me towards Frosted who had created a game called the White Knight, Ironically. the game was alot of fun, I told Glaiel that it was very Good, but can he Do Z depth??. He basically told me to ask him myself, and the rest was history!!
I had a great time working with Frostedmuffins, he's a good guy, open to alot of ideas, hard worker, and a heart of gold. Cant wait to get started on our next game.

So In honor of Red Baron being on the Map for over a year, I've decided post some Strategies on the game as well as maybe a secret or two.

First Up the last Boss. This alien Boss created by Zombie-Pimp can be pretty Tough. Alot of people have complained that he's a bit cheap. So Ill go ahead and tell you how I beat him. If someone knows a better way, hey post it.

1) in his Giant robot form, he takes very little damage unless you dizzy him. To Dizzy him you Lock his fist with your scythe . You can do it with other weapons but the scythe has reach and is quicker. Basically get as close to him as possible then hold your shield up. when he strikes immediately attack. Do it fast or he will push you to far away. When you lock arms you will have to tap really fast to break the lock, there is a gauge on top, if you fail to do this he will do triple damage so DO IT! Once you break the lock he will be Dizzy. Start attacking. rinse repeat until his body explodes revealing his next form.
2) the little Alien is annoying and fast, and his combo can sometimes be hard to break. what you need is something fast. Switch to claws. The claws first strike aim down for a reason! Strike down and then try and time your loop combo to make it last as long as it could. A good trick is to make him hit the wall. This causes a little bit more damage, but most importantly it makes him bounce right back into your claws so you don't have to tap forward to continue your combo! Do this and he will change into his last form, the robot spider.
3) the Spider is fast, and his strikes are really fast and his bombs are annoying. move away, and switch to axe. The spiders attacks overhead, and the axes' under swing goes right in and cancels it.
Do this until you have to defend from the bombs. The spiders trick is to make you block from the bombs while he breaks down your shield from attacks. so remember to start movin if your shield is low. The axe doesn't have a looper combo, so remember to stop yourself before you start to change weapons. Thats right the trick with the spider is NOT to combo!
And Thats it!

Oh a couple of extra tidbits people might not know. Theres a "beat the car" bonus stage at the end of every level. To get it you need to have a certain amount of coins before entering the boss fight.
The First Stage is 60, second is 100, third is 150 , fourth 200. It isn't as easy as it looks as the coins from previous stages don't count. you basically need to learn how to do a certain trick. You need to position your enemies at one end of the screen,start attacking, then right when the screen starts to move, do your shield dash attack and juggle them back. This keeps them spitting out coins long after they have died.

Another way to get coins for weapons and restarts, is by getting the BBB! bonus. Yes its a play on StrawberryClock's famous flash., but it also stands for something. "Beat Boss Blockless" which means you cant defend at all during the Boss fight! That means you have to beat them the hard way, no Dizzies!

Anyway. thanks to Newgrounds for letting us get some of our games and Ideas out there to the people Quicker and better than any system could.

PS. Jak Baron King Rules you All in Survivor Mode.
Read his Blog he reveals all his tips and secrets!!

After a Year Red Baron still gettin' Da' Love'


first comment?

thanks anyway, red baron is one sweet-ass game

this game rules, some of the best graphics i've ever seen in a flash game. Every time I revisit this its a trip down memory lane, when MC forums was buzzing, all of us working together and animating shit together. Chad, Hexar, Jobe, Deej, Brav, Spectator, Zeph, Zanroth, Smiley, Sinister, many of us have gone our seperate ways, but gems like Red Baron will always tie us together. (Sorry if I missed anyone in my list)

I agree Mc forums was definitely the shit, but I have faith we can get something like that started again here. takes alittle time, but with some faith, who knows what will bring us all together again.

Do you ever think you'll come out with a sequel?

Red Baron was the greatest thing since Dad n' me. Do you think it can compete in IGF?

BTW, I just noticed your new header, it looks awesome. How often do you draw a new transformer, it gets better rapidly.

dang that type of game had to take alot of work! how much work?

This game is actualy one of those that first made my interest for newgrounds. It was AWESOME and i sort dreamed of it after the first day i played it. Even though i had issues with the 2'nd boss, he is still cool to fight after i've learned how to defeat him. The verry style of the weapons and combos beats the crap out of a lot of other stuff i've seen. When thinking of it, it may be a little similiar to the final fantasy (before x) series.

I wonder if there will be a folower to the game. Maybe some more progress of the baron, or another story that isnt erupting out of pizza fill =)

Anyway, reminded about the game again, i gota go back to it and finnish that last boss. Last i tried i came to the last boss using all skills that i got, until those frgn bombs came and killed me. >:( Made me so mad to be killed by a third version agile boss. (wait, isn't this sort of similiar to some MegaMan games?)

I like your drawing.

I'm still playing 'Red Baron' the 1990 dos game seventeen years after its release.

Your Red Baron is also still pretty entertaining. I don't think I've ever beaten it though... I should get around to that.

Red Baron is really the highlight of anything I've ever done in flash, it's something really special. I'll always remember the night you were gonna ask me to program it, and I thought you were just some joke animator, when I found out it was you, biggest rush ever. The whole experience was absolutely amazing, you're visions and direction, along with all the organizing, incredible. Every piece of art you showed me felt like another huge shock, this was really real.
I couldn't be happier with the final game, and it was totally worth the 11 months, major lack of sleep, and fall in homework completion. I can't WAIT until our next project, nothing was quite like the magic I felt when working with you.
Thanks for everything

ditto muchkin.. *no homo*

can you make a series of alloy because 4 me it has beautiful story plzzzzzzzzzzzz

It's a great game

Gracias majestro!


Oh stop posting and do more games we all know youre just stalling at this point.

I did find it ironic that Glaiel of all people pointed you to someone so selfless...

ya, its probably the best thing Glaiel ever did.

just gotta remember, even Lucifer has his momments.

I never could beat Red Baron.

Red Baron is a great flash game and It would be totally awsome if you made a second one

This is JakBaronKing

Just want to thank all of you for making this possible...Mindchamber...Frostmuffin.
..Zombie Pimp and every single Red Baron Fan and Newgrounder!

Keep Playing Red Baron!

with that high score of yours everyone will keep playing until they beat you, and that may be for long time XD

red baron was one sweet I think you should make a sequal

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