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"Family Tree" short film

Posted by MindChamber - October 6th, 2011

In other news, The short movie I made over july was nominated for 3 awards at the projecttwenty1 Film festival,

Best Concept,
Best use of the Element, (you're given a phrase or word that you must incorporate into the short)
and Best animation.

I won for Best Concept, (yay)

*PS the music used in this trailer was made by DjMossy

I was lucky enough to enlist the talents of a few NG celebs

CosmicDeath really tore it up as the main character.
Timmy did an excellent job as supporting actor
Oskua helped me with compositing and materials
RicePirate ripped it with his voice over narration

and shadow6nothing9's music really tied everything together perfectly.

So I wanna give a big thanks and a huge shout out to these guys for all their help.
hopefully we can do something again next year, or hell possibly sooner, making short films is
easily more frustrating and yet just as rewarding (at times moreso) than doing animated skits.

I'm still unsure how it works pertaining to uploading the full short for the public as the festival has the short on DVD for sale shortly after, but once I know I can Ill link to it.

PS: anyone interested in seeing the full short, vote Ten Please lol


Some of that colour correction genuinely had me feeling ill, the acting looked a little of too. The tree looked cool though.

yah it was the first time shooting with this camera, still learning the in's and outs of it.
As for the acting, I dunno, I thought it was pretty good, especially considering that none of these guys acted before.

3 nomnoms with 1 win (for Best concept) is no small victory!!!


In terms of learning the ins and outs, I'd suggest shooting some really short shorts. It'll be extremely helpful in learning editing tips/tools, as well as gaining a mastery of your equipment.


haha thanks for the tips, Ill try some smaller stuff.

and thanks for the noms love,
but Im aiming for that trophy next year, word.

and someday ill be up there with that elite list of people, right next to you and osuka; standing atop the white marble column pillars. :D

awesome :3

Nice! Congratulations all around :)

tx :3

LOL Timmy is just like: yep. I'm standing here, doing what I was told.

from what i could see in the trailer, the blocking and emoting looks good from the actors. the real estate agent is obviously reading her lines though (and if she isn't, she needs to learn how to speak like she isn't reading from paper). all said and done, i want to see the full short. my only expectation will be that it will be easy for me to suspend disbelief and get into it; i hate shorts that are so avant garde that they are impossible to connect with. and grats on the award :D

nah, I just try to tell an interesting story. Im not a fan of experimental stuff, as most of it isn't entertaining. In my eyes if a movie isnt entertaining, (good or bad) then it failed.

Nice. Reminds me of 'Night of the Treeple' by Alex Pardee.

Treeple looks hilarious, I gotta see the full version of that

whenever I see an independant film I always think "wow, making a movie must be the hardest fucking thing in the world"

great music

telling people what to do is very stressful, especially when you feel bad doing it because you cant pay them.

I mistook Joy's piercing for a soulpatch at first.


Congrats man. I've been involved in a couple short films(albeit they were terrible, but i didn't write them, there wasn't a script and teh director is a goof) and they can be hard work.

Great to hear you won Best Concept and received other nominations.

I'm curious though what equipment did you use? I've had a bit of experience with the Canon XL2 which is a good camera, but I think there's better out there now.

thanks man. atm im using the cannon 7D.. great for colors and closeups.

BUT terrible for action and tracking. since the lens causes a weird visual wobble that causes trackers to go haywire. also the sound is garbage and it has no xlr inputs, so I had to use a separate device for sound recording

So I want to save up for another camera. a .Panasonic Pro AG-HMC150 for action scenes and tracking

Congrats man :)


That was fucking awesome man. love the short!


WHAT?? the narration was RicePirate?

Hahaha, the narration was really epic, i didnt knew that the voice acting was made by him

ya da dudes pretty talented

Voted 10, trailer looks sweet, I'd love to see the whole thing.

check pm!

Hey Mind Chamber howd u get so good at making fiqures and stuff like your giant robot and that new dog...Chamber thing. (Dog Chamber?)

you talking about the avatar?

Osuka made that, its a chamberpony :3

Lol u respond fast. I leave for 3 hours and u comment. I like that. Also I,ve been trying to fiqure out how your MindChamber robot was first shown. plz respon. oh and i love the family tree. (im so scared of my back yard cuz we just cut down a bunch of branches) Also when i saw the family tree short on your page i seriously thought it was a commercial for a movie lol. Good luck with your next piece. Ill be waitting like everyone else.

lol I never know what to do when people say that. "lol u respond fast"

if I take too long to respond I'm a douche, if I respond too fast I have too much time on my hands, lol. which bring up another question, do people who respond with, you respond fast are just commenting to see a response?

So which is sadder? Typing just to get a response, or the res-ponder responding fast?

ahh the questions of the universe. XD

oh yah, glad you liked it!

Typing to get a responce.

I solved the universe lol

I like it when people respond that way your not sitting there thinking "did he see it" or "will my question ever be answered"

I think i respond way too much XD i need a life

Oh god not brocoli clock

He did that here too.

He did that on my page!!!!

You bore me. :/

Ill take that as a compliment, coming the most unoriginal post,made by the most unoriginal user, with the most unoriginal username ever.

If I didnt bore you, then that would've meant I was unoriginal :3

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