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Trippin' Kitchen is Bitchin'

Posted by MindChamber - December 5th, 2011

Game Jam 6 is offically over and theres still plenty of games to be played.

Its been a while since I crunched on a game like this in such a short time,
It was tiring, and fun.

Matt, James, and Red, were alot of fun to work with.

Give Trippin' Kitchen a go when you have the time.

Matt has plans to update it with some of the features we missed or passed up for the sake of time, so make sure to post all your critques,bugs, and suggestions in the reviews section, anything that can help make this a better game!..

As soon as he gets some sleep that is :3

in the meantime, enjoy dem floppy Mammos,

Trippin' Kitchen is Bitchin'


There's no bitchin in this kitchen.

were you smitten, in this trippin' Kitchen? :3

lol, wave 1 was a little anticlimactic. Fun game!

Stop bitchin'. Start trippin'.

Indeed, nice game and a great visual pleasure overall. Really liked the frame-by-frame work on dem floppy Mammos. How did it feel drawing them? :D

I felt dirty :3

cause I had to dig up alot of grandma porn for reference :3

"I had to dig up alot of grandma porn for reference :3"
Yeah, but was it *really* necessary to bookmark it and e-mail it to the rest of the dev team? :P


Dammit, and here I was thinking that Trippin' Kitchen was a cooking show starring MindChamber.

it would be a boring show, i eat the same crap every day

Oh no, it's Madame LeFlour...

I enjoyed her hobbled walk cycle. I couldnt figure out a consistent way of triggering her combos, i was only pleasantly suprised, maybe i couldnt figure out the trick to it. Anyway quality work.


the trick is to let the first swing fully complete itself

like once you see the back of her head, tap again, then again alittle faster

I voted 5, my game shouldnt be above yours :o

your games' position is warranted!

Earn 1 medal in like 15 minutes or so, Also Nice Game Jam 6 Flash, I was hoping You will beat my Movie!! but Hey, its most likely to, though ;D


MINDCHAMBER. Everypony is telling me to make you a bad-ass theme song. Once I get my projects with Alex S outta the way, I should work on that.

looking forward to hearing it!

Looks pretty baller, homie.

Sweet, looks like someone knows there stuff :P ttyl

lol, research

i love your new game.



From looking at your User Banner, you must like ponies, just like me!


So, what's with all the Tokecat stuff that I've been hearing about?

some child with too much time on his hands, nothing new.
try to enjoy the site for the artists and their creations instead of being easily distracted by bored children looking for attention

You'll never EVER unsee the gilf plowing.

yup :3

Oh and you're a Brony? -BROHOOF-