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Psychosis: Zombies Survival Mini game for the ipad/iphone

Posted by MindChamber - April 5th, 2012

Sup guys

I did some UI art and animated some 3d Zombies (I didnt model them though) for this mini game with some great guys out in NJ. And it finally came out for the ipad/iphone

I also modeled and animated the POV weapons which was a first time for me. so apologies if any of it comes off janky.
it was a fun change of pace from flash though.

The mini-game is available for free, so do me a fav, could you grab it and rate? and get back to me and let me know how it plays. ( I dont have an iphone or ipad :/)

Psychosis: Zombies Survival Mini game for the ipad/iphone


Looks pretty solid i'll have to check it out :)

Any animations coming?

yah still working on that music vid, should be up before pico day

Looks real awesome so far, i guess i will have to go buy an iphone now. I really want to see this in motion...

I want to see it in motion too, but I wouldnt get an iphone lol, just borrow someone elses :3

remember its still a small wave based game, just a fun lil time killer

I hope the bitch im fabulous appears after each kill.

that actually wouldve been pretty awesome

i don't even own an ipod....yet so yeah im never going to get this -_- WHY MUST I BE SO POOR AND YOUNG

Neither do I, that's why I borrowed a friends to try it out

AW HELL yeah! time to blow up some zombie minds while bringing out awesome catchpharses!!!

to bad i dont have money to buy it Q_Q

@bocodamondo you moron...read the entire post befor comment.
you can clearly read down there "free"... pathetic...

lol its ok.

but im pretty sure that catchphrase was just a photoshop mock up, but its a damn great idea.

I downloaded it on my iPhone 3GS and not only is the font barely readable but I can't seem to find a sort of play button. I can only seem to access the selection screens but no gameplay or anything.

i take the blame for that font :( . sorry about that :/
i thought it had a cool titanic vibe. looks better on the ipad from the screenshots I saw.

yeah I used to own an iPod touch but then it got jacked by Arabians

dont get bullied, take karate!

Please disregard my last comment, I am an idiot. However, the controls were barely responsive and the camera was a bitch. The font on the selection screens may need to be smaller and are certain enemies meant to be lying down?

Ya I just tried it this morning, it definitely needs to move quicker,. theres a sensitivity option, so when I can borrow back the iphone Ill try that. And yah theres zombies that crawl along the floor. Kinda bummed they are already crawling, I did this cool contorting animation for that., ( a regular zombie contorts and starts crab walkin) I wonder if it was cut out do to filesize or somethin :(

Looks slick man, great work!

thanks trying ta branch out

Have you played Toxie Radd 3D submitted by Xplored?
jesus, loved it so much, brought back a lot of good old house of the dead on rail nostalgia.

Zombies? Booorrriiiiiiinnng...

I didnt pick the game or story idea :c

I'd really like to see Newgrounds go deeper iOS development.
I've been dabbling in the mobile market as well.

yah its a fun change for sure

You should make a RED BARON Ipad Game!!!

would that be fun? touch controls for a brawler? unless its like Infinity Sword I guess., but would that be fun? lol

Looks cool! Unfortunately I only own an Android phone...

ha same here

actually... i dont know. I watched the videos of BATMAN ARKHAM CITY LOCKOUT for Ipad and looks reaaaaaally boring

I think that games like the M BOT would work on a touch control device

lol I dont think i want a baron game like that..Stagger maybe

the whole game looks like it was made out of cardboard btw

I agree it isn't the prettiest game arround. But ya gotta start somewhere

Mannnn, if Newgrounds EVER gets a multiplayer server running someday, we ought to team up on a multiplayer zombie Flash game. Just sayin.

Lol. Im sure that's next right after a proper chat

Pretty fun game, very smooth controls. I actually like it more than the Call of Duty: Zombies app that's out, and it's free, so... bonus points!

Ahhh cool than ks for the feedback

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