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P-Bot as a Toy??

Posted by MindChamber - June 23rd, 2012

It could be if you guys go and vote on P-bot at
Patch Together!!

I always thought P-Bot the the rest of the robot squad would make neat figurines.!

Props to Osuka for the cool textures on his P-bot submission.

So go vote 5!

haha, like old times. :3

P-Bot as a Toy??


Well that would certainly look great on my desk!

Robots make cool action figures.

I gave it a 5, i wanna buy this thing

If we get this out, can we also see an Alloy figurine?

probably not. but maybe we can do Abot and the others!

I still remember the strenuous sacrifices you've made just for the life-size P-Bot.

Now I can own my own lil'P.

haha hellz yeah, good times :3

Hey Everyone!
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYVmuPjSFGA">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYVmuPjSFGA</a>

MC ate Tuna-Fish nothin' but sandwiches for a whole month just to fund this awesome B-Day present for Tom.

So if you want your own lil'p-Bot, then go VOTE!

Do want.

The art and models of P-Bot are very impressive, and robots are really good for action figures!

Ooh! I personally don't like Osuka's 3D art style, but still realize he has a ton of talent. This I really like though! :D

Good stuff MindChamber, now do A-bot :D just kidding, if I want an a_bot I will just paint my sound wav green !

lol too true, but I do wanna do A-bot still

Holy crap that would look heavenly over my bed besides my Mario figurine. :P

P-bot figure? I want one I want one :D

me too :(

Me Gusta :3

If only I could buy Newgrounds gift cards at Wal-Mart or something. F-king credit cards &gt;:L

voting is free

P-bot is my favorite NGs character - -(obviously) I'm votin' for sure!


Reminds me of the classic days when most action figures for kids were actually legit. Now you got Gundam kits, anime figures, SOME transformers, and now P-Bot. It would be cool if all of the bots got made and transformed into one big robot.

that would rock


I'd buy 'em.

Very cool toy idea - might be a little weak aound the legs though. I guess there are ways around that. Voted!

true, maybe as long as his legs are solid and his chest is hollow?

Ya ya I get the joke for robocop sorry it took me a very long time to respond just bored I guess and dont really give a shit. That doesn't mean it was that great, wasn't funny and well if I'm gonna see footage of robocop I rather he be kicking some ass. Though as a rule he has to get beat up a bit otherwise he comes off as too powerful he has to be able to take it as he dishes it out. He is pretty much immortal not because hes a cyborg but because the way he is written he just gets fixed again and no amount of brain washing can keep him from being a cop. It's his humanitys one trait that exist beyond the metal.

Anyways it's an old flash I guess and well just wasn't that cool too me, robocop wearing a wig? he doesn't need to play those games hes fucking robocop if he wants to bust some ass he will do it.

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