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"Seeing is Believing" Music video

Posted by MindChamber - July 15th, 2012

Sorry I didn't have anything for Robot Day, I was busy finishing this music video.

The good news is Osuka is interested in collaborating with me for next year, so hopefully we will have something pretty cool for you by then.

in the mean time Vote to make P-Bot a Toy!

Comments (18)

"...I'm in love hip-hop, but most my fans just fist-pump..."
-Hoodie Allen
I think this guy can relate.


Is it rude to say you deserved the daily 1st place? Anyway, great job man.

haha thanks for the kind words, but I love sonic too! at least I beat Slave to Pleasure :/

Damn cool music video, damn cool. I love your whacked out curvy buildings.

haha yah, I cant make a straight line to save my life, so I said fuck it!

Nice work, dude.

same to you man, your Maladies series is very good

Wow your posing, effects, and shading are all top notch, i really liked the loud art styles and the painted backgrounds with the same feel, really great animation!

who the fuck is osuka???

its this stuff i put in my coffee :3

Don't you hate when you forget to click the front page post button and you have to do the entire post over again


Bad animation and bad music.
This sucks...balls.

It definitely couldve been better, but I didnt think its BAD bad,
sorry you didn't like it

When the song started, I didn't really get into the beat, it took me like 30 seconds to get in the groove. I think (the song's) beginning could be more on the spot and catchy.


Maybe it's just because I don't like the music, but I felt this wasn't done as well as some of your other work. 3.5/5 since there was some decent animation in this.

I definitely wished i couldn've added more time to the scenes outside the transformation scene, cause I know they are definitely lacking.

not big on that type of music but it was really good :D

I really liked the coloring in this, nice work.

the song is ok but I feel the animation is a lot better if you start from 2:05.

Lovin It from there on.

If the rapper really wanted to use his hands so much he could have done more than bobbing it for the first 2 minutes lol.

But stil, good video for a mediocre song.

the fist bobbing was my fault, I was supposed to mix that up a bit more.

3:28... Never gets old.

Never drop this style too dude, it's awesome!

ha thanks

i swear, there is so much arm waving in this xD it feels like the 90's all over again. I like the video though.



Haha, jus' playing!

Sweet vid.

lol..."designed for one handed play!"

well... the vid is awesome the blood splatters the realistic rapper in the end... it just took my breath a awy

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