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Hopsin Grabbin HipHop by da Ballz

Posted by MindChamber - July 31st, 2012

Man can this guy can preach it. kick ass lyrics , crazy beat, and a real message.

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Damn, that was a pretty sick song. Makes me wanna smoke bud alot less often aha :L

haha yahh -__-

Damn, this is mad old man.

Maybe for you, because you just sit and stare at your google+ and facebook pages for updates, but for a video that just came out 10 days ago, its pretty new to me.

don't act like a man-child your whole life.

that's the stuff that reminds me why i like hip hop so much

This is really good.

He touches subjects that many teenagers and adults are falling into.

Thinking that the only way to be happy is by what most media says.

What really matters is what's 'within' and how you feel about it.

Damn...He's just really letting it out.

This is a great video to send to anyone who's in a funk.

The only way to change the world is to change yourself.

However...he expresses it with lots of....I guess.....'hate' or 'criticism'?

Dale Carnegie says that 'criticism is like a double end knife, both people get hurt.

As much as a catchy wake up call this is. It may not be for everyone.

Sometimes all we need is a little support, kindness, and most importantly...sincerity.

However, arguably enough, this is how this man expresses sincerity. lol

we live in a world where every kid in little league gets a trophy regardless of who wins. A world where values , and doing whats right have to be taught in a soft tone or the child may call social services.
A world full of man-childs told their whole life, this belongs world to them. A world where teenagers value their KLOUT score more than their SAT scores.

should I continue?

his eyes scare me they dig int ur soul man

I definitely agree, realest shit i heard this year and a breath of fresh air!

Whoa! I was gonna make a news post about this the day it came out, but I thought it'd be overlooked. Good shit Mindchamber; Hopsin is a beast. (Ill mind 4 is pretty good too, you should check that out if you haven't).