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'Fall Of Cybertron in only 7 Days!

Posted by MindChamber - August 12th, 2012

Who's down for some Decepti-smacks? I'm getting it for xbox, so add me if you want to play 'MindChamber'

I really amped for that game, I couldn't wait anylonger so I just started playing with my Figures instead :/

Autobots-Roll out by OnlyBoots

And if this dont get you sappy, nuttin' will

PS Follow me on newgrounds! lol


Sweet damn, that was a good game. I'm amped for the 10 hours that those $60 are going to get me.

haqha, hopefully its a bit longer this time

Dang, wish you were a PS3 kinda guy...

:( ..

You always play with your figures

lol..yeah :(

If I ever get it, it'll be on Steam. They obviously put a lot of effort into it, love all the little details. (and hate to be off-topic and a fanboy, but do you think Divinity will make it for this Madness Day or no? )

Im starting up animation at the end of this month, so I AM aiming for it. I just wish this game didnt come out the same time I planned to get started on that, but I will balance it :3

I'm "ninja urinator" on xbox and I'm going to ADD THE FUCK OUT OF YOU.


I was thinking about giving this game a chance.... I just have one question though, how is the character customization in multiplayer? I love creating my own unique players and it would really convince me to give it a try.

Hopefully it will get better, but the customization in MP, in the demo anyway, Im not too impressed with.

Partly because you can only build one robot per class. and swap colors per faction. So sometimes when youre an autobot, theres alot of purple Optimuses on the Decepticon side. There is talk that we havent seen every robot part available yet, so I have high hopes.

Awesome! Wish I could afford it...

I watched the quick look yesterday and it actually did look like a pretty sick game

Yah I think the single player will definitely be more interesting than the first.

Just wish there was more "Jet Judo"... lol

The MP so far feels more limited than the first though, but the demo gives you only so much.

That animation is far cooler than the game will ever be!
Also there is a 5/5 in it for you if you ever get a chance to upload that to Newgrounds!

Haha thanks, but really aside from the awesome song, its really just a test, and a bit too crappy for NG.
The NG reviewers Elite would eat it up for breakfast :p

You really like creating giant badass robots, don't you?


I have a PS3 :( fffffuck

Money's kinda tight right now , :( this was already half paid months ago with my pre-order :/
I'd sell some of my games and stuff and get 2 copies, but ONLY if you plan to play!

I'm fucking stocked as hell! Been looking at updates and previews constantly. The demo is the only thing I've been playing for the past couple of weeks.

wait, you have ps3 and xbux?


lol, dont worry dude. Anyway I always buy the game when the get a little discount. what is your Ps3 name? Mindchamber too?

yup :3

I'd probably get it once it becomes less expensive. I don't know, I'll play it by ear. But, I have War for Cybertron, and it's really fun.

PS, today, it's 11 days until it comes out.

no its 8 days, yesterday was 9

it comes out on the 21st


the movies were so painfully terrible, that i'd be amazed if the games were any good at all. i expect any game based on a movie franchise to be about as good as a dora the explorer game. for your sanity's sake, i hope i'm wrong.

wel being that I played the first War for cybertron game, and this being a sequel to that game, AND the fact that neither are tied into the movies in any way. I KNOW you're wrong :3

Congrats on 2000 fans!

thanks man,
keep bangin out that sick dub-hop