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"Robocop Lime"

Posted by MindChamber - September 20th, 2012

A really funny and astute retrospective on all the robocop Media thats come up over the years.
With the shitty reboot looming in the horizon, (see picture of horrible redesign below!) .. this a a good way to get up to speed on everything Robo So far.

play it while you draw!


I just saw the new reboot's Robo-cop design and I almost flipped shit. THey made him look like a fucking batman rip-off....

Lol i remember the scene of the barin in robocop 2 scared me a lot when i was a kid. now i look it again is just silly hahaha. the same happened with the movie IT

Paul Verhoeven and Peter Weller set the standard for THE classic action movie series - Robocop was a quantum leap in movies when I saw it in the 80's, and still has the titanium nuts to be again... problem? We live in a bizzaro universe where the super hero was killed off by, not the public, but by the people who control the public with an ever tightening grip.
Can't wait to finish watching this w/ an undivided attention - good post :3


I'd buy that for a dollar!

What an informative and amusing documentary.

Wah? "X" rated back then?

Condoms filled with fake blood ignited by suppositories!?
Puppets for the massacre scenes?

Dude...80's film makers were fucking genisuses!

I hope the new Robocop film will be good.

yah, they were pretty creative back then..

now its all.. CG buttons :/

And I guess it's hard to notice the abnormalities and plot-holes due to all the action and drama.

Especially that pole stabbing scene.

Hard to notice if you were 10 years old >:(

Forget the silly suit, and try to have a little faith in Jose Padila. There's no guarantee he'll be able to achieve a the elevated status that the original rightly holds, but having seen The Elite Squad and it's sequel, there's a reasonable chance he'll be able to pull off a good movie. At the very least, he's not shy about using violence to punctuate action and make a point.

Besides, although it looks bad, it's better than simply using an identical costume; after all, if you're going to revisit a material, it's important to try to take the best elements and give them a new spin (within boundaries, obviously), else you could end up with something like that ridiculous remake of Psycho.

Im all for a new suit. but when the last 3 superhero movies essentially take robocops design and take it up a notch, then you have to take that even further. Making a suit influenced by todays armor,which in turn is inspired by Robocops armor, -well you can see how derivative that can get.

Ill watch his elite squad movies, I wasnt blown away by the trailers, but Ill give the movies a chance.

Perhaps a lot of the design is planned to be added in post, with CGI. Like maybe the colours shift around, or there'll be some robo-moving parts on there. God, I hope so.

it can't be as bad as 3. that should make you feel better