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Happy Madness Day 2012!

Posted by MindChamber - September 22nd, 2012

I regret wasting my front page post on that robocop rant, but its probably for the best anyways since Im not finished with my Madness toon.
This is that same toon I backburned about 2 years ago. I blocked out of all Sept with the intention of finishing it, but of course life always has other plans. The only difference here from the last two years of not working on it I was able to knock a good chunk out, and I can actually see a light at the end of the tunnel.
The animation is about 90% complete. Id say 5 more days of animation, and all thats left is coloring and sound effects. Since Im going for the same rough look and style as with My Mind's Madness, I can say it would take 5 or 6 days tops to color.. So THIS WILL GET DONE, and IT WILL GET RELEASED ..

So to give myself a comfortable and realistic window, I'm aiming to release this Halloween.

So just to give some teasers, here are some of the differences between this one and Mind's Madness.
--This one is about 6 minutes. almost twice as long as MM
--MM was more of a music video, this one is more of an actual story, complete with its own musical score, composed by Krank. I sent him the script and the timing to each scene and he composed a score just for it. pretty awesome
--Even though its longer , it's slower paced. Doesn't mean there less animation though. Theres more, even with the downtime.
--Its more violent.. Hank is really stabby-stabby in this one.
-- theres another element to this short that I will leave as a suprise. it might piss people off some, but I find it cool as fuck. Im actually adding more animation to this particular scene in hopes of giving as much impact as possible.

So thats it from me.. I'm gonna take a break from animating now, and check out this years submissions. In the mean time check out a new screenshot.
Hanks getting a hammer to da gut. I will adding a bunch of filters and effects to video version as well.

Happy Madness Day 2012!


Since you seem pretty confident that it IS gonna get finished, are you thinking of releasing it within the month (since you said a couple days for this and that, around a week)?

this will be released THE LATEST, THIS HALLOWEEN,

Im aiming for earlier.. If it doesnt get released , the latest, by then, Ill never com back to newgrounds again !.

when he says halloween he means in 2076


My Mind's Madness was probably the best tribute to Madness.... ever.
Good luck on your new deadline... maybe even throw in a Halloween easter egg whilst at it :3

haha good Idea.

yah, I really like MM too. hopefully this will get close to that.

Looks awesome, can't wait! Happy Madness day!

Just happened to come here by chance and I see this! It's exciting to see that this will come to fruition at long last! No doubt you'll really put on a show. Hope this comes out sooner rather than later.

By the way, I'm taking a beginner's 3D modeling course up in college right now and your pieces have really inspired me to want to learn modeling and animation.

thanks man, I kinda gorilla through my 3d. I have zero finesse, but it works well when you use it with 2d!

PS nice work on your madness!

cant wait :D


judging from that screen shot it looks like you've improved :D
Just watching MM actually.
Your flash work is really epic =D


this will be the best:*

*crosses fingers

Happy Madness Day MindChamber!

HMD to you too!!

Want...madness toon...now...must...have...


Is everything going according to plan? Beacuse "my mind" will blow up, if this doesn't get released!

sorry looks like your mind will have to blow up :(.

Might wanna save that source file somewhere safe. Sandy's a-comin, Chamba! :U