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Happy Halloween, and NO Madness Divinity yet :/

Posted by MindChamber - October 31st, 2012

Sorry guys,

Looks like I failed you again. I really thought I could pull it in and have it done by the 31st, but its just not gonna happen.

If I count the days I have easily 3 weeks of work left now. ( hurricane and not having power for a few days did hurt things, but it wasn't the main factor)

Main factor is Im working on two games at the same time at the moment, which wasn't happening when I made my Bold Deadline claim, so now Im doing about an hour of work on Madness D every day, but that's not as much as I wanted to.. So I guess I wont make a deadline claim again, but I will say its getting there for sure..

So In honor of my failure here is a picture of me in a homemade Cardboard Robocop custom I made over a decade ago.

Anybody Dressing up for Halloween? and if so what are you going as?

Happy Halloween, and NO Madness Divinity yet :/


Damn......Well it's better than the remake.. there's looks like a rejected Batman/Iron-man outfit.

Would it at least be possible to say which games you're working on, or give a hint? Would 1 happen to be the game that shows up at around 1:42 on your sprite reel on youtube? ( I never saw that released here, thought it might still be in development)

neither of the games Im working on showed up on that reel,
pretty crazy but Ive left out like almost ten more unfinished/finished games

the game you're refering to was Pixel Puncher, Tom was the programmer on that one, and its pretty much dead in the water, sorry


Allright, I saved my mind by shutting it down. It will automatically start again when the year ends, so there's not much time left :P

haha , thanks for understanding though!

For Halloween I'm just wearing a beanie and a hoody and going as Jesse from Breaking Bad. :L

I was thinking as dressing as scorpion in a business suit, but I couldn't get a mask in time :{

haha that wouldve been cool.

I'm making a custom madness costume but you costume looks better . I like it

that actually sounds pretty cool. Hopefully you will post up some pictures

Duuuude....that's an awesome costume.

I've always wanted to make my own Commander Shepard armor. Never got around to it. But I hear using paper-cut outs or paper mache' molded chicken wire works well.

Some people take it a step further and use aqua resin and fiber glass to make it close to plastic!
<a href="http://youtu.be/c1WK26NHx0o?t=2m58s">http://youtu.be/c1WK26NHx0o?t=2m58s</a>

Save it the next costume party cause it looks bad ass! Or just walk into your studio and work with it on.

haha thanks, yah next time Ill coat it with something. the raid turned it into puddy :)

thanks for that link, thats really interesting, who knows maybe Ill make a full size mindchamber statue :3

You can do it, MC! Hope the power situation stabilizes. Done is good!

yah its pretty nuts theres people out there with still no power

Well, at least we got to see that awesome costume. God has a purpose for everything. :)

Oh man, this gives me the sadness. :(

well hold in those tears cause Im still working on it

:( its ok just work on your own time. I can't wait tho

I can wait!