2013-01-18 16:17:06 by MindChamber

Yah its stupid

Blame El-Cid :3



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2013-01-18 16:26:43

Now, now, I don't go blaming Charlton Heston for owning guns or hating humanoid apes....
Besides, El-Cid has contagious thoughts anyway :|

MindChamber responds:

hehe very true


2013-01-18 20:48:29

Nah, I thought it was pretty cool! I'm just a bit curious on if this will spawn a sudden flood of more parodies!

But like you said, we can always just blame El-Cid hahahah


2013-01-19 01:32:25

This doesn't look like Madness at all... :(

MindChamber responds:

My madness cartoon started Crashing on me. I had almost given up when someone mentioned the stage size might be an issue(I was working at 1080p) i spent two days resizing it.. it saves now.but only if I rename it each time. :(


2013-01-19 01:32:36

But good jarb.


2013-01-19 12:19:01

Ah, sorry to hear about the problems with the Madness movie...same exact thing happened to me. :/ My Madness toon reached a certain filesize and would only save properly as a new file EVERY TIME. CS5 too? ( on-topic, I chuckled at Prime's big, lucious lips :3 )

MindChamber responds:

yah it sucks, and I learned my lesson, anything over a minute needs to be its own FLA. and Im using Cs6, its the same garbage


2013-01-19 14:52:16



2013-01-22 09:08:11

It's genius. Part II where his head blows up cuz he's allergic to hot dogs.

Or Batman comes and blows him up.

MindChamber responds:

lol nice


2013-01-25 23:09:35


MindChamber responds:

yaaaahh boi! I cant wait for dat shit


2013-01-26 12:26:44

One word, genius.

MindChamber responds:

thanks all the credit goes to El-Cid for coming up with this nonsense :3


2013-01-27 08:54:33

Sweet short!
That's unfortunate about your madness file,
at the end of donkey kong parodies i was having some major export issues XD
You'll get through it though! I promise :3


2013-01-28 22:17:41

Hey, I was just curious, where does the quote on your front page come from?

MindChamber responds:

theres probably similar quotes around, but I wrote that one.