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Ralph Bakshi's Kickstarter for his next movie.

Posted by MindChamber - February 6th, 2013

I usually don't promote kickstarters, but this is Ralph-fuckin-Bakshi.

If you ever wanted to widdle down my hugest inspirations and influences to one person. It would have to be him. He's pretty much the dude that turned animation into a story telling medium, that wasn't just kids stuff, but really adult stories, with adult humor.

He's Started the hardcore shit, the ruff and raw cartoons that reflected who he was and where he lived.
Jon K was HIS pupil. He broke many barriers and made some crazy ass movies.
Remember when Jazz from transformers sung the song Ahma N***ahman? Of course you don't...He made Movies you'd be afraid you'd get your ass kicked for going to.

Hes now making another movie, and he's using kickstarter to finish it up.

Help this old Fool out. cause he deserves it more than anyone.


After you've pledged, read this interview

Ralph Bakshi's Kickstarter for his next movie.


Looks nice =D

tastes delicious

Looks cool!

This seems awesome. I'm definitely donating, though.

Question: Were the Mighty Mouse cartoons that big in the 80s? They seemed like they revolutionized the industry, but I never hear as much about them as I do Ren & Stimpy or the other Nick toons.

Yah, the New adventures of mighty mouse was to me what ren and stimpy was in the 90s..

It was pretty fucking nuts, though I think Jon K took it up a notch with R&S in craziness.

but yah I loved Mightmouse, it was crazy, with tons of that weird humor you wouldnt see in normal cartoons. I think one episode wasnt aired cause a villian looked like he was snorting coke. shit was weird. and if you were a fan of the orginal mighty mouse, shit was all the more funnier

I too am a fan of Bakshi and it surprising that he didn't think of using Kickstarter earlier.

As long as its better than Wizards

wizards was great but not his best., See hey good lookin, or cookskin

Woah wait.....'the' Ralph Bakshi is still doing shit?


"Fire and Ice" and "Wizards" are my favorite Bakshi movies of all time! I fucking loved that barbarian film and red robot.

His movies like "CoonSkin" and "Fritz the Cat" really pushed my offensive meter a notch. But regardless, I found myself entranced by the story and enjoying the creative cast of characters.

Sometimes I wonder if he'll ever get back into making kids cartoons.

I was kinda hoping that he'd continue "Marvin Digs". That one pilot episode always makes me smile.

him pushing the material with MightyMouse always made me smile.

He was always against the grain with media and art.

He basically was newgrounds before newgrounds was newgrounds

heh cool reference work there, every aspiring flash artist who has pick up a book about it has done the Coney Island flash

I actually didn't know who this guy was... then I found this video and I immediately saw why he inspires you.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WApcUBcVMos">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WApcUBcVMos</a> (Ralph Bakshi at comic con)

His no non-sense approach towards everything makes me wanna hug him every time I hear his Brooklyn accent.

It's not like I'm mad, but what happened to Madness Divinity?

I'm aiming for this year, its all storyboarded and some of the stabby scenes are fully animated.
the animation is almost 6 minutes and flash crapped out.

Im in the process of breaking the flash into two fla files. and depending how much I have done by the summer, I will be asking for help from anyone interested in inbetweenin.

I'm ecstatic to find out that Ralph Bakshi is still making films.

Thank you for your information, that was all I wanted to now. :3

You know I never really got a chance to watch the new Mighty Mouse Adventures.

But watching it on youtube, and I can just "SEE" the inspiration Bakshi had on other future animations.

Namely some of my favorites such as "Cow and Chicken" - "2 Stupid Dogs" - and maybe even a bit of "Dexter's Lab".

It's possible that Bakshi's version of Mighty Mouse molded all the classic Cartoon Network style animation.

thats pretty much exactly what happened.