Thanks! Zimdragonlord!!

2013-02-14 12:23:55 by MindChamber

ZimDragonLord! Has sent me a really cool comic
"More Than Mortal"

I haven't heard of this comic, but I'm a huge fan of Image, so I can't wait to read it.

Thanks for the V-Day gift Bro! No-Homo!

I was gonna have a V-day cartoon for you guys, but meh, shit didnt align, (Stamper got busy, so no voice actor :/)
So I was bummed, but the comic cheered me up!
thanks again!

PS.Bakshi is pushing his kickstarter hard, dont let this flop!

PPS I also interviewed I-Smel

Thanks! Zimdragonlord!!


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2013-02-14 12:33:28

No voice actor?!?!? Damn dude, you should have hit me up hahahah!

And I must say that is a mighty fine valentine gift you got there.


2013-02-14 19:25:02

What a sweet tea pie. Looks cool


2013-02-14 22:17:12

Yes homo. Lots of homo and damn proud of it.

It's okay Jose <3


2013-02-14 22:33:46

Um no problem, man!
This is something I have and I'm glad I gave it to you! :D
You're the man! [no homo]

MindChamber responds:



2013-03-07 05:05:06

Thanks for your kind words :D


2013-05-15 22:23:51

Hey, I know Ralph Bakshi's work, got he got funded!! If I didn't say so already, it was a pleasure to meet you! Quite glad Deathink mentioned your background to the Collabinator, looks magnificent! So far, I've been finding work okay, so I haven't been on the Collabinator page since it was created....

MindChamber responds:

hey Vic, it was great to meet you too, glad you had your username tag, haha awesome idea.

hope to see ya next year!


2013-05-15 22:24:16