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Happy Madness Day

Posted by MindChamber - September 22nd, 2013

Happy Madness Day dudes, some pretty good submissions this year, which were your fav?
Sadly I have nothing to upload this year, but Im not giving up on my Old Madness divinity short just yet.
I want this submission to be twice as sketchy as Minds madness but to have twice the animation. after countless crashes and freezes, I thought there was alight at the end of the tunnel when Flash CC was released. Unfortunately its actually even buggier than Cs6, and now it even crashes my wacom driver. So Ive given up on flash completely. (well except for maybe making sprites) and have been putting my rainy day money towards my purchase of TVpaint. The price is a bit hefty, but the new 64bit version runs like a dream, and the raster based format means I can draw as sketchy and as messy as I want to without the worry of it blowing up due to useless vector computation. I still have another 1300 to go, but I have a feeling it will be worth it

In the meantime enjoy this really quick Attack animation of the MagHank model I made a few years back. This is the same model and pose I used for the MagHank image in my Art page

Happy Madness Day


Happy Madness day, old bean! Seems like Flash has finally screwed its last pooch :\ Have you considered a Kickstarter or indegogo fund raiser? For all the good works you've done here, I'm sure a few bucks can be raised to shave off some of that software expense...

Yah ive absolutely had it with flash.its not like im doing work the calibre of Disney or HappyHarry either, i just like a rough pencil test look to my stuff,TvPaint will change that for me. As for kickstarter its definitely an option but i rather save it for something bigger,like being able to hire ng artists for bigger projects.

Happy Madness Day!

happy madness day

I am mesmerized by TV paint. If I win the lottery tonight, I am buying it for you.

yay! ;3

Cool effect on your Digital art I wish I could be as good as you!

The cloth movement is catching my eye in a bad way.

Good eye,youre totally right. What happened was i moved the animation up on the cloth to make a more dynamic still shot (the one i uploaded to my art page)..i totally forgot to undo it and when i made the gif, i was like..ohhhyeah..oops, ill fix it one of these days

Eres el mejor continua asi sorry por no hablarte todo este tiempo esque me daba flojera conectarme XD

The style of the model reminds me of Borderlands


hey man

Sup Jose! Well, it has been a few months since you made this post, so what are your afterthoughts about TVPaint?

I still havent been able to afford the full one, but Im still having fun playing with the demo.

I dig it. its like photoshop with really good animation tools

mag hank looks like he can be in a game

tvpaint wants 2000 dollars for pro lmfao

use opentoons.. its free