Yay Free Sprites!

2014-03-12 04:01:49 by MindChamber



                 So in honor of being one year closer to that inevitable handshake with our friend Mr. Reaper, I am uploading free to use (public domain) sprites over at opengameart.org  Why wait till we are completely dead to give away our treasures anyway? Youre dead. You can't enjoy the satifaction you get from generousity when you're in the etherealm. So I say birthdays should be for gift giving! Anyways..

                These are the sprites from the old Pixel Puncher Prototype that Tom and I started about a decade ago. Tom was gracious enough to let his creations run free ,so I took a day or two to convert them into png files. I exported them at twice the size just in case anyone needed them bigger. If you dont though, its easy enough to simply run them through photoshop . We both put a lot of love and thought into these sprites so hopefully there will be some appreciative coders out there that will put them into some sweet projects or demos. Heres a longer demo of some of the levels and animation



If you have an NG supporter badge you can actually try the unfinished demo yourself here


                                     There's some pixel art in the video that was placeholder art and will not be part of the download. Its pretty obvious but I thought I'd mention it. While the video just show combat, and a few juggles. I believe Tom wanted a Metroidvania type game where you explored and unlocked more attacks and abilities. Ram (the main player) aquires "Chronic's" run ability which  is shown early on.


Each level would have been a parody of known game characters. The first world based, on Sonic, second Mario and so on.

I also wanted more puzzle elements that involved carefully timing your air combos and grabs. Back then there wasnt any game ideas like it, so it was hard to get a grasp of how we wanted it to play. Fast foward to today, and  games like "Guacamole" and "DustForce" I believe totally captures what we wanted this game to be. You know what they say, hind sight , 20/20 etc.  A shout out to LDUK whos Robotniks Revenge just hit all the right notes for me. It was cool yet oddly bittersweet , which fit the vid. Also I just want to say thanks again, to everyone thats ever dug my stuff and shot me a kind text. It really does mean alot. And thanks Tom for letting our babies fly :3 I have to get up in 4 hours... gnight  


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2014-03-12 04:33:50

Those sprites look gorgeous! Shame you guys scrapped the game. It would've been really awesome, judging by the video.
Also happy birthday!

MindChamber responds:

thanks man


2014-03-12 04:45:39

what clatform said, plus that music would of been ace in the sonic levels :O

MindChamber responds:

yah , his other stuff is pretty sweet as well, thanks man


2014-03-12 06:49:20

happy birthday and the game looked pretty amazing!

MindChamber responds:



2014-03-12 10:02:29

Wow! Pretty wicked. I really hope a programmer gets his hands dirty for this project :D

MindChamber responds:

yah Im really curious to see what people do with them.


2014-03-12 11:11:04

That's pretty awesome! Nice to see it answers the question I've had for years which is where the Sonic and Mario collection pages got their icons from. Also, happy birthday Mindchamber. have a great one! :)

MindChamber responds:

thanks homey!


2014-03-12 11:27:53

Happy B-day, the game looked really nice!

MindChamber responds:

thanks and congrats on chibi-knight2!


2014-03-12 12:19:53

happy birthday .



2014-03-12 12:20:26

Yo happy birthday.

I love how often in your and Tom's games you have to punch the weapon out of the basic opponent's hands. It adds a layer of logic and character to the enemies.

MindChamber responds:

yah Tom knows what makes games fun for sure


2014-03-12 12:29:44

Happy Birthday man! Them sprites look awesome, and there's not just a few of them either... many thanks. Would be cool to see some animations made with stuff like this instead of the typical Nintendo/Sega mash-ups.

MindChamber responds:

thanks CD, good to see ya man


2014-03-12 12:37:45

Happy B-day!

MindChamber responds:

thanks death, u rock


2014-03-12 12:41:25

Happy Birthday!

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

thanks rayray, good to hear from ya


2014-03-12 13:16:22

Happy birthday, Mindchamber!

MindChamber responds:

thank you


2014-03-12 13:50:18

Happy birthday!

MindChamber responds:

thanks tibbetts


2014-03-12 13:58:37

Happy Birthday MindChamber!! Hope you have an awesome, special day! 8)

MindChamber responds:



2014-03-12 14:25:53

I wish I knew you better to make a super personal birthday wish. But seeing that I don't, I'll just wish you a happy birthday and lots of luck in future sprite making!

I wish I got more into coding to make a cool game out of those sprites!

MindChamber responds:

all good, thanks for the kind words


2014-03-12 14:27:29

happy birthday pal!

MindChamber responds:



2014-03-12 15:40:08

Happy birthday! Your work is always appreciated!

MindChamber responds:

thanks man


2014-03-12 16:25:17

Harpy Birdday dude! Your art is amazing!

MindChamber responds:



2014-03-12 16:39:11

Happy dark force donuts on u B-day man!:D

MindChamber responds:



2014-03-12 19:24:50

Happy Birthday man. These sprites (and that demo video especially) are bloody amazing. You deserve a much better hand then you have been dealt and I hope putting these sprites up gets some eyes onto you and your work.

MindChamber responds:

thanks for the birthday wish and kind words. Gerki <3


2014-03-12 19:30:33

happy birthday! and cool game, i like the characters

MindChamber responds:



2014-03-12 21:29:37

Happy Birthday! The drawings, animation, and game play all looks awesome. It's sad that you guys didn't see the project to completion.

MindChamber responds:

thanks man, much appreciated


2014-03-12 21:36:35

happy birthday, man!

lovin' them sprites too.

MindChamber responds:

good looks man


2014-03-13 00:02:58

Happy Birthday old bean! Things get better with age!

MindChamber responds:

thanks gramps, hope to see you again at pico day


2014-03-13 01:26:30

Happy Birthday hope it was great. Also LOVED the looks of this game I hope it gets completed some day :)

MindChamber responds:



2014-03-13 17:33:01

The game looks great, and I dig the sprites! So sad it was scrapped. Also Happy Birthday!

MindChamber responds:

me too :c

but thanks!!


2014-03-14 06:36:11

I know how it feels when everyone thinks your abandoned project looks dope as shit- but whatever this looks fucking bad as hell!!!
Awesome art and animation man, and pretty cool design direction. Yeah I can totally see Guacamelee in this, and yes DustForce is straight-up amazing. I played so much of it, but feel like I can only do about half the levels. Have you played a lot of that?

Did these number sprites go over to Castle Crashers, or the other way around?

Oh and happy birthday also :D

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

Hey man, i plan to donate to jet getters!...the jet designs are phat. those numbers were borrowed from castlecrashers, but this game came first...ive played a bit of dustforce,but its hard.. having those puzzles wouldve been a break from the brawling aspects of this game ,also allowing you to combo your ways into areas you normally couldnt get to...it wouldve been neat...:\


2014-03-14 15:15:32

I'll be there, and with a few extra bells on! There's a children's hospital I wanna donate some cash to, and it's probably time to get rid of my crappy long hair.... so I thought about a charity head shaving at Pico Day? Still working the details, and will ask Tom once I get enough of the knots untangled. Lol knots...


2014-03-14 21:50:47

It would make more sense for the Sonic parody to be on 'speed' or 'cocaine'.

Too bad this project got scrapped. It looked hella fun!

Red Baron's still going on right?

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

Yah that does make sense..but then we couldnt use "Chronic" lol....
Im always down for red baron2, but thats up to Evan,and hes super busy. Hopefully we can find the time.


2014-03-15 16:15:34

I remember Tom telling me about this game ages ago... nice to see some of what could have been in action. Nice work! Any chance you guys could post a playable demo of that Sonic-inspired level from the video here on NG? Either way, it's really cool of you to share all the art assets so hopefully somebody can make good use of them.

Also, Happy Barfday!

MindChamber responds:

Thanks! That sonic level is in the demo, but I think you either have to avoid activating the midboss fight, or the midboss needs to have health (he cant die atm)..but I'll ask tom


2014-03-19 08:42:08

Man, I remember hearing about this a long time ago and then I forgot all about it. Seeing the video you put together made me want to play it real badly though D: It looks super fun, and sort of nostalgic since it looks all old school NG like, but hell, I respect that you would scrap it instead of doing a rushed and unfinished job. Best of luck to you on future projects though, Chamber <3

MindChamber responds:

Hopefully other coders out there will find a good home for these. and thanks. looking forward to getting back into art again soon


2014-05-07 04:06:57

Good seeing you again, and trying that cinnamon laced beer-mix... I could get addicted to something like that! It was an epic party! Just sucks the only posted picture of me, has me thumbing my nose at the artworks :P It's okay, I got plenty non-intentional photo bombs waiting to be uploaded...

MindChamber responds:

Same here,always have great talks with you.youre an interesting guy with alot of great stories. You should definitely consider writing that memoir man, id read it..
And yah that "angrybomb" mix really messed me up, hopefully i didnt make too much of a fool of myself.


2014-05-08 22:43:41

Nah broseph, you've got coolness to spare! Besides I'm mostly Polish, so that custom boilermaker you threw my way, didn't dent me or yourself too badly. We need to cut loose once a year.. know what I mean? Glad my anecdotes were entertaining :)


2014-05-29 17:40:11

Vicarious DOES need to write a book. I'm making EJR take me to eat Mexican food, you coming???

MindChamber responds:

hellz to da yah!


2014-07-20 10:41:02

Not even a single drug reference in them character designs, fair does.


2014-08-31 06:00:35

Jose! please Join the Madness Project Nexus 2 Project!
its a big game! to be on steam too! it would be a legendary way to introduce more people to the madness combat series. and with your help and your talent. the game would be more than a success!

MindChamber responds:

thanks for the kind words! lets hope make it past their Base goals!.


2014-09-01 01:27:06

Woah really!? so you doo have plans! well.
WE'll make that happen. and you wait. IT will!


2014-09-19 02:47:00

Sweet! I've only been learning to program since the start of the year. I've only release 2 very simple games so far, but I do make a lot of test games in-between projects and sometimes it's a hassle have to make the art for such tests. These will come in handy for such things and who knows - I might just be able to incorporate them into a game in the future. Thank you :)


2014-09-25 21:02:51

That is so cool looking.


2014-12-20 11:04:00

That green Sonic drawing looks familiar, was that the Sonic from the Sonic the Hedgehog collection?

MindChamber responds:

Its Chronic I made it for a game a long time ago


2015-01-16 16:50:21

The way Ram moves (especially attacks) seems very familiar... did this game influence Newgrounds Rumble? A few of the attacks and stuff look like Alloy's

MindChamber responds:

It's possible some of Rams attacks influenced what I did with rumble..that and street fighter 3


2015-03-07 02:04:04

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars March 25, 2005

This cant be a good thing.

Alot of us animate violent cartoons for fun, and at times for a release.

Showcasing an animation of reflected this killers intentions will only bring down more heat on newgrounds,

Lets just hope
our pieces wont be more scrutinized , and questioned by the closed minded.

Just because there are few out there to weak to carry on.

MindChamber responds:

im not sure which one video you're talking about, but as long as the content has some type of artistic redeeming qualities, Im pretty lax about the subject matter, regardless of how controversial it can be. Just really aint a fan of topical overnight attention grabbers.


2015-03-12 16:28:53

im raising awareness of the red lake sk0l sh0t 10th aniversary


2015-03-14 20:17:55



2015-04-15 19:35:53

Hey. Let's go get Outback. They have loaded fries.

MindChamber responds:

Ohhhh! no one beats 5-guys fries tho!


2015-04-15 19:55:17

Oh don't even get me started on Five Guys. I could eat that every damn day.

This video is entirely accurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcJFdCmN98s

MindChamber responds:

haha definitely That place gives me a total meat high


2015-04-23 15:18:12



2015-04-29 11:52:58



2015-05-23 20:02:48



2015-06-24 23:26:19

Is there a chance you still have the Alien Snatchattack sprites?

MindChamber responds:

Somewhere..but they're pretty bad