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Yay Free Sprites!

Posted by MindChamber - March 12th, 2014



                 So in honor of being one year closer to that inevitable handshake with our friend Mr. Reaper, I am uploading free to use (public domain) sprites over at opengameart.org  Why wait till we are completely dead to give away our treasures anyway? Youre dead. You can't enjoy the satifaction you get from generousity when you're in the etherealm. So I say birthdays should be for gift giving! Anyways..

                These are the sprites from the old Pixel Puncher Prototype that Tom and I started about a decade ago. Tom was gracious enough to let his creations run free ,so I took a day or two to convert them into png files. I exported them at twice the size just in case anyone needed them bigger. If you dont though, its easy enough to simply run them through photoshop . We both put a lot of love and thought into these sprites so hopefully there will be some appreciative coders out there that will put them into some sweet projects or demos. Heres a longer demo of some of the levels and animation



If you have an NG supporter badge you can actually try the unfinished demo yourself here


                                     There's some pixel art in the video that was placeholder art and will not be part of the download. Its pretty obvious but I thought I'd mention it. While the video just show combat, and a few juggles. I believe Tom wanted a Metroidvania type game where you explored and unlocked more attacks and abilities. Ram (the main player) aquires "Chronic's" run ability which  is shown early on.


Each level would have been a parody of known game characters. The first world based, on Sonic, second Mario and so on.

I also wanted more puzzle elements that involved carefully timing your air combos and grabs. Back then there wasnt any game ideas like it, so it was hard to get a grasp of how we wanted it to play. Fast foward to today, and  games like "Guacamole" and "DustForce" I believe totally captures what we wanted this game to be. You know what they say, hind sight , 20/20 etc.  A shout out to LDUK whos Robotniks Revenge just hit all the right notes for me. It was cool yet oddly bittersweet , which fit the vid. Also I just want to say thanks again, to everyone thats ever dug my stuff and shot me a kind text. It really does mean alot. And thanks Tom for letting our babies fly :3 I have to get up in 4 hours... gnight  


Those sprites look gorgeous! Shame you guys scrapped the game. It would've been really awesome, judging by the video.
Also happy birthday!

thanks man

what clatform said, plus that music would of been ace in the sonic levels :O

yah , his other stuff is pretty sweet as well, thanks man

happy birthday and the game looked pretty amazing!


Wow! Pretty wicked. I really hope a programmer gets his hands dirty for this project :D

yah Im really curious to see what people do with them.

Happy B-day, the game looked really nice!

thanks and congrats on chibi-knight2!

happy birthday .


Yo happy birthday.

I love how often in your and Tom's games you have to punch the weapon out of the basic opponent's hands. It adds a layer of logic and character to the enemies.

yah Tom knows what makes games fun for sure

Happy Birthday man! Them sprites look awesome, and there's not just a few of them either... many thanks. Would be cool to see some animations made with stuff like this instead of the typical Nintendo/Sega mash-ups.

thanks CD, good to see ya man

Happy B-day!

thanks death, u rock

Happy Birthday!

thanks rayray, good to hear from ya

Happy birthday, Mindchamber!

thank you

Happy birthday!

thanks tibbetts

Happy Birthday MindChamber!! Hope you have an awesome, special day! 8)


I wish I knew you better to make a super personal birthday wish. But seeing that I don't, I'll just wish you a happy birthday and lots of luck in future sprite making!

I wish I got more into coding to make a cool game out of those sprites!

all good, thanks for the kind words

happy birthday pal!


Happy birthday! Your work is always appreciated!

thanks man

Harpy Birdday dude! Your art is amazing!


Happy dark force donuts on u B-day man!:D


Happy Birthday man. These sprites (and that demo video especially) are bloody amazing. You deserve a much better hand then you have been dealt and I hope putting these sprites up gets some eyes onto you and your work.

thanks for the birthday wish and kind words. Gerki <3

happy birthday! and cool game, i like the characters


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