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Drawing 2D animations in Blender?

Posted by MindChamber - February 29th, 2016

GP - "ForYou" two diferent versions and Blender 3D scene overview by Daniel M. Lara (pepeland)pslVimeo

from on .

So this is Kinda nuts, and has me regretting not making Learning Blender a priority.
The Grease pencil option in Blender was initially to allow animators to make visible notes on their models as well as draw out arcs and such, similar to the old school dope sheet method.
But it seems that the Grease pencil option is way more robust than that, and people are actually using Blender to make 2D animations.
Not bad for a free program.
I only wish Blender wasnt such an uninuitive program for people who have used flash and AE. But for begininers. This 3d , now 2D software just doesnt get any better.

heres a youtube Tut,. to get you started


That's pretty cool, seeing a 2d plane in the 3d software, probably super handy for making those full motion turns!

I had no idea! I assume you can do the reverse and superimpose characters imported from flash and model backgrounds for itself. This feature can make the transition from 2D to 3D easier for most I'd imagine.

That is pretty neat-o. The 3D environment and camera moving isn't too un-intuitive to me, but I've messed around in Maya and Blender a bit.

I hate blenders interface.. there's an option when it loads up to interact with it like 3dmax or Maya but nothing happens
Wish I learned this first

whaaa???? thats crazy! awesome!

Blender is now a top priority...I've always wanted to try deep canvas, and this little bugger has re-inspired me to do so.

That's interesting!, could create a unique animation style between 2d and 3d together in one software.

Saw this last month, but I guess I haven't been asked about a good animation/rendering program in a while. Yer an old hand at this sort of thing, and I'm strongly inclined to trust your judgement... some of this stuff's in the NG Wikia on animation yeah? Can only go so far to help the noobs out and all.

Ok i wont go it just im so lazy at art and im also a bad artest now i know the rules

that's really cool. Nice to know about, Ive seen epople using mangastudio and a lot else but not blender. I'll have to give that a shot see how it feels. Thanks for the resources.


Still waiting for Pico 2

Pretty good, pretty good.

That's why the world is fucked up now, parents giving their kids technological devices early. Then they get addicted.
Too be honest that's how my head is fucked now, lol.