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I miss animatin'

Posted by MindChamber - April 24th, 2017

I want to just animate for fun, but its getting harder and harder these days.  I feel like if I dont animate anything meaningful, im wasting my time.. Thats something really hard to shake.. so instead of drawing I just played with my toys lol.
fired up dragonframe, to get reaquainted .


4 seconds of animation took over 40 minutes,.. you know how that goes.

Comments (6)

Dope vid!

Looks awesome but man, that's pretty sad. Being unable to just do it for fun the way you enjoy.
I dunno how I'd do in that situation but...from an outside standpoint, I'd say just finish pending projects and get out of that. If it's not fun for you it's a big waste. There's always a better job out there.

Man that's pretty great, the motion blurs really make it feel like it's happening live and not stop motion animation.

yah some plugins really do the heavy loading for you. . and thats great if youre just trying to get a vibe across. definitely plan to play with it more

If you like this, it's already not a waste of time :D


Those were some pretty dope four seconds though! :) High replay value.

Yes, we all get old.... I remember your games like alloy and the cool animations you have done man... I saw in some way the path you have walked and to be honest this is a very good job. It's true, a little blurry and that... but honestly it seems really cool, it is like if you were filming an 70's documental... I miss the old shows from thames television or the monthy python era, not digital frames or advanced colors just filming and story, maybe you could take advance of that &quot;blurry&quot; and use it as a technique, I'm not animator im not an expert artist and I don't know shit about colours, but what thing that really call my attention it's a good story, and if you use the art in the appropiate form It turns ino a litle jewel for me. Keep on the great work man

making a great story is the hardest part of the whole process, Im trying to write one now and its taking me forever!
thanks for the reply. I definitely want to leave at least one very powerful story behind. wish me luck