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haha Nice

I like how the background is inside a living room but the reflection is out in the woods.

and call the picture ROSIE, come on!

JACK-IN-THE-DARK responds:

Its magika lol
But really, all the reflections are from the same screenshot, i just can't remember if it was a plant vase or a windows showing some tree.
And it supose to a toy i think.
In DA the name is rosie, but the first time i got this on here o NG it got deleted without any reason so i changed the name thinking that this could be the only reason for this to get deleted.

nice work

that piconjo's pretty badass

Rovertarthead responds:

Thanks MindChamber! I was inspired to draw this from NGs Rumble and your Picos Unloaded cartoon.

great colors

very detailed and unique, nice work


If the actual game was like this I would soooo play it! XD nice work!

jouste responds:

haha thanks!

i think the regular art is still pretty slick. it made me want to draw a bunch of stuff like this. i think re-visiting the world BoMToons made would be pretty cool.

thanks for stoppping by mindchamber! good to hear from you!


haha I love it

its so zany and stylish

Tootmania responds:


this is pretty badass

you got a great vibe and incredible style man, keep it up

great work

as always your lines are defined and intentional, loads of impeccable style!

BizarroJoe responds:

But if there's room to improve... We have to achieve for it!
This time, I tried to be more easy on me. And it made me good...
It's really important not to press yourself too hard, but one thing is knowing and another really different one is to realize it...

I'm sorry for taking so much time in responding these comments. Yes this goes for everyone below, too.

Anyway, thank you for your support, bro. Semper fi'.

awesome !

very intricate and stylish Love the teeth and smokestacks.

Kinda reminds me of the sharkticons from the first transformers movie

NicKoLa93 responds:

:D Holy .... Sharkticons? i wasn't born yet when they come out! but i've searched on google, yeah, they are pretty similiar.. omg i'm so disappointed, i was sure it was an original work... dam, they are almost the same. Gotta draw a better one then.

im hungry

would he keep smiling at me like that if i ate him from the bottom up?

Leigh responds:

Yes. He'd look directly into your eyes and smile the whole time. Could you do it?


I always thought beta fish went in the other direction, due to their constant fighting and maiming :(

JakBaronKing responds:

Betta Fish prefer complete isolation.

And I believe that one's heaven is an environment that adapts to you.

"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
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