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really cool design, cant wait to see this guy walking..

Intrapath responds:

Hey, thanks! Hoping to get this bad boy properly textured and rigged this week after doing some geo cleanup.

what a great transformation! really got detailed towards then end there too. nice job

gatekid3 responds:

Thank ye

I gotta admit, have no idea what Im looking at, but those colors and reflections are great..
is that soap and a towel? hot and cold knobs... is it a transforming Tub?

forgive me if im wrong :3

MANUNAM responds:

Thanks, I'm really glad you like it!

You almost got it! it's a smaller thing, a transforming bathroom sink, and yes, is using a soap-shield and a towel-with-soap flail.

Sorry that it doesn't make much sense XD

nice work, and really great lighting on the eyes

stelamoris responds:

Thank you so much. It means alot especially coming from you.

great poses, and style!

AllSeeingHat responds:

thanks dude!

love the new hair style! are the legs still robotic?

WonderSchwifty responds:

Yep, Steachy but still robotic. Usually long robot arms are hard but it was fun fixing her up.

really fun job here,. was this done with traditional tools? cause the marker coloring is awesome

SourCherryJack responds:

Thanks man! Yeah all traditional, ink and prismacolor markers.

nice job! Im still fiddling with my printer and hating life haha, what did you model the character in? keep it up!

valpu responds:

hi!! i use blender to model and yes, it is very frustrating at the beggining to achieve good results whit the 3dprinter. i use ultimaker cureto pass the models to the printer and it has given me good results. Thanks!!!! i will do my best

Great redesign and use of colors, definitely more stylish and readable than the one in the movies :)

the last Knight was definitely the worse out of all of that, and thats saying alot since there were all pretty bad.. I actually wouldve liked if Nemisis prime looked this way, only if optimus had kept his flatnose cab mode.. Seeing as Nemisis, much like Megatron really wouldnt have the inclination to hide in an alt form. So transforming wouldn't really be priority.. Personally I enjoyed 'Transformers: Prime" take on Nemisis, though Im assuming not many would.

HeartisttheArtist responds:

Thank you so much for your kind words! I can't thank you enough!
I'm glad the effort of reworking this design paid off. Interesting take on his robot mode not looking like it transforms! I never thought of it that way!
I'm also a big fan of TFP's version of Nemesis. It was really cool to see so many slow and seemingly unrelated side plots come together to form him.
Thanks again for everything you said! I'm glad you enjoyed this piece!

the moment they made this Winnebago the Leader of the Autobots , is the day my childhood ended..
great job <3

ggjgjhgkjgjkgkj88 responds:

Thank You!

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