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Frame by frame animation!!!

This could get interesting

not only is your animating is awsome...

But so is your voice acting!!!! That Kid sounds like shaggy

Good concept!!

i think this is a great Idea!!not only should you call people out on thier bluff,but also compliment the people who do bust thier ass working on thier flashes!!! Also I like the FYI recap, with the pop-up video type commentating. Just don't bitch all the time. have a little fun also. Like when people use duplicate symbols for hands and the thumbs are facing the same direction!!
stuff like that..

Again great Idea



This was truly phenomenal. And a work of art in its own right.
I feel you have represented your story in your way. A way that has power and elegence, that rivals most storyboard artist today. And while others may feel they have the authority to judge your work poorly because they've animated an MP3, that could stand on its own. Don't let thier narrow minded opionism thrawt you from producing your creative works. Cause while anybody can grab a popular MP3 and animate to it. It take alot more thought and skill to contrive a known genre and recreate it to make your own.

Very cute...

I liked It!

Good GOd! this is tight!

This shit is great.
Funny as all hell.
incredibly drawn!!
Its back to work for me!!

Well alright!!

That was very nicly done!!non-animated and animated elements were interwoven wonderfully. and I love the original fight music! (Sound foundry acid music right?) You put effort into it and it shows. keep up the great work.


Looks to me like the quality of flash here at newgrounds is rising!!


I find this to be an amazing piece with impeccible style. While I know this arist has ripped on my work for being sloppy and unoriginal, I will not let his arrogance step infront of my judgment of his work. You see while I choose characters that have been a major part of my culture in my youth as subject of my animations,I do so only because I feel I can connect with them, much in the same this artist here has chosen music that would quite obviously induce feeling within all of you. Does that say maybe he knows his works couldn't stand alone without it? no. He is saying it is "fitting" for what he is trying to portray. At the same time can this be considered "animation?" There is not one frame to frame work here at all. Just motion,and shape tweens.and while I know if I look hard enough I can find the resemblence of his work within hundreds of anime cartoons out there, I'm not looking for that. I looking for good work that makes you say "wow" such as this.
But unfortunatly people like "Damian" and "thomas Lee" from "star wars gansta rap" are much too conseted, and arrogant to give anybody else thier due respects. and its a shame.


Looks to me someones' got a bit of a "Tom" fetish.
Don't trip when steppin' out of that closet brotha'

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