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yeah, hulk was really awesome :D i saw it yesterday
i liked it more that iron man

WOW, a game and a movie of Pbot at the same time? you guys are gonna get all the awards for the week its released on :O

Isn't it Bruce Banner?

that was the name on the show, whatever....fixed..


I wonder if you saw my MGS entry... I wonder if you laughed...

im not gonna get anything from that collab, but i can't wait for it.

get any jokes that is... ): sorry

very few of the gags have anything to do with the game itself.

+1 expectation

This post is totally awesome and you used awesome words like awesome an awesome amount of times (like an awesome number of 1000000000000000000) and I just find it so awesome that you did that.

metal gear more like metal queer


probably took you weeks to think that one up. lol

Hulk was pretty fucking awesome

Using a police car as a pair of boxing gloves was pretty damn manly

Well MindChamber it looks like my second favorite person, first being Sir Tomas Fulp enjoyed The hulk. I will be seeing it <a href="http://<a>">here</a> once they start showing it that is.

good lord those still exists? always thought they were awesome.

a) Couldn't come to the BigAplleCon, not american so it's hard.

b) MGScollab seems to be good from what I've heard from Stamper, Jeff and you. I can't wait to see it.

c) I can't wait for the Rise of P-Bot, been waiting forever for that one. And now I have to wait forever again because of a game is gonna be released with it simultaneously.

b) Didn't know about a new Hulk movie. I have to see that one, and I will from what you've said.

e) since you deleted my "W00T first post" comment I just wanted to say W007 14 comment!

lols blogs are fun cause you can delete stuff,

Aw man I can't wait for the MGScollab to be released, all this waiting is killing me!! I'm pissing my pants in anxiety (literally), I don't even care if my piece is in it anymore (seen it so many times) I'm punishing myself every day for not putting more effort in it!! My life is an eternal torment now...

A) I didn't get to go to Big AppleCon but I'm going to the Comic Con, so I'm happy!

B) Your Metal Gear part sounds really stupid and really funny at the same time. It will be interesting to see two mega collabs released at once.

C) In my opinion, P-Bot has never looked more freakin' awesome than he does in that screenshot.

D) I'm not sure if I'll see the Hulk. I might though.



can't wait.

also, if the P-Bot game is half as awesome as Red Baron then Newgrounds is in for a real treat.

Do you edit your backgrounds in Photoshop or something? And if you do, is it to add more effect, or just to decrease file size?

And WOW P-Bot looks amazing in that screen shot.

Want me to do sprites for the last boss again?

its kinda already done, but ill keep ya posted man, thanks!!

Jose, you beast.

hans, you slut!

Awesome...really looking forward to Rise of Pbot!!

And I think I might just go see Hulk now.

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