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"If reality is dependent on what each person perceives it to be,Then reality as a collective does not exist."~MindChamber
"Do not be defined by your conditioning, Otherwise the rest of the world will define your path."~IntraFace

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Oh for fuck's sake Mindchamber, you're one of the most respected, prolific people I have never met from this website - and I mean that.

The fact that you like a rather a lot of tit and bum doesn't effect that one iota. You most definitely rule.

T-T-Thanks man.. its.. *sniff*.. j-just so hard getting up in the mornin' yknow? :*(

Ha ha I adore this post, it made me lol hard.

I'm not a chubby chaser, but it makes no difference to me about the weight (except as stated above about the out of breath stuff).

Am too proud! :)

I hope this makes Hans lol too!

Copying from Hans doesn't make you any better either. But seriously, if you are Atheist then maybe hang out sometime and talk about Atheist things...?

Lol, hanging out with other atheists to talk about atheism is called religion dumbass

Each to their own.

Go for it ;D

HAHAHA!!!!!! Good one mindchamber! what a way to rip off the gay GUY!!!!!! HA HA HA HA HA WHOOO YOU RULE MAN!!!!!! =D

I pretty much agree with Harry, You are ridiculously cool and friendly. Don't put yourself down man.

I always laughed at how whenever someone came out about being fat everyone would be like &quot;Oh hes gonna' eat me now&quot; and not realising that they only like plump supple men not every skinny fucker under the sun.

In case you were drunk or stoned out of your mind whilst typing this, it was very convincing.

It's good to have something to grab onto.


I dont really get this post...

I know there have been assholes on newgrounds lately... but I dont get this post really... since I don't recall anyone harrasing you much. (atleast on the places I look)

its been a ruff few hours :(

i enjoy meaty bitches too. i just wouldnt put myself out there in a fp like this. THIS IS MADNESS.

it had to be known :( The fact that I never flinch when some size5 girl walks past me had people thinking I was gay :(

Don't be ashamed MC. I was watching this thing on TV and, well in Britain anyway, alot of men like 'em chubby. Mainly 'cos they'retired of seeing the stick figures on the TV and so on.

Personally I am the same, I know I'm 14 and I don't have a sexual opinion but I'm at the age where I'm getting to know what I like. And what I don't like is visable ribs and skinny to the bone, it's a turn off.

Butt's and boobs is where it's at, I like my girls chubby an' fat! (made that up on the spot, I am so clever =_=)

But, however you feel, I respect you and won't think any different of you... unless you're gay. (Jooooooking! I don't have a problem with gays.)


fat chicks are gross - i mean all that flesh and still no penis? WHATS WITH THAT. i'm gonna go hang out with hans now

Or you could of just said &quot;I have low standards&quot;.

That pretty much sums up your whole post.

that would only work, if I was talking about your flash

uhh k

cant beat some love handles ^-^

I think that chunky is funky. Truth is, I'm not too discriminate when it comes to weight... I just hate obesidy and anorexia. Anything inbetweens ok with me. Half my family is athiest and the other is Catholic. I'm an athiest. I just don't buy anything about religion.
Maybe we have some common grounds there.
I'm glad you've become open about yourself and aren't hiding behind a fake personality.
Good on you.

The sufficient fat and muscle deposits visible in the upper front of the torso and lower back of the torso indicate a fertile, healthy and efficient incubator and sustenance upholder for my seed which I shall inject now





stop laughting at hans...this is meanie and it is not so funny...sry

LMAO your such an ass :3

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