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I had an MP3 player that had a visualizer that would be perfect! Sadly I can't remember what make/model it was at the moment. I'll see if i can look it up for yah.

Awesome job on MindChamber by the way.

Rockbox should allow you to do this.

It's an open source OS for most mp3 players including the iPod and I'm pretty sure there's a visualizer in it much like the ones in tape decks and car radios...

here's the link:

<a href="http://www.rockbox.org/download/">http://www.rockbox.org/download/</a>

I have it on my old iPod video, but it pretty much works on any mp3 player of any size and has a visualizer

probably would work in this project

cool Ill look into it

thanks for your help

PSP has a visualizer for its music.

&quot;backdoor pats&quot;?


thats why I named it backdoor pats, cause their gay, ya faget

1. That model is fucking amazing

2. Can't help you on the MP3 front, I'm not really that technically minded : /

3. Yeah, I get backdoor pats all the time.

I would love to see the outcome of this one. I have never heard of this transformer MP3 player and its a good idea. Its a unique MP3 player but I'm not a fan of transformers so more or less, I'm not going to get one. A-bot is my favorite among the bots and I like the idea of transforming him like soundwave. The idea of the of the working speakers on his legs is purely awesome. I do not anything about making things like that so I am not able to give advice so just good luck on it.

Oh yeah, I hope it will be on the store. Its about time the store will get to sell anything electronic.

this would be something worth doing, shall you make this NG murchandise?

MindChamber, why don't you just use one of the mp3 players that play video, such as certain kinds of iPods, or anything like that, and have a VIDEO of the A-Bot visualiser loops constantly. Sure, it won't be specific to the music, but hey, it's still LIKE a visualiser. =P

ya, thats one of the options I mentioned in my post. its what I will do if I cant find what Im looking for. Probably is the visualizer will be fuzzy since its a compressed movie.

The MindChamber robot is still waiting for you to make a drama movie for him. Looking at him reminds me of SpikeVallentine, another great artist.

I love spike, hes very inspirational.

That's what I meant. Dissecting it so you just have the visualiser bit showing.
And I only wear my wig when I'm singing about sexual harrassment.

The PSP's have one in them, that would be a huge bot though if you shoved one of those in it. Plus you would need access to the keys. So that probably wouldn't work. Ill keep my eyes out.

Cock joke.

Have you tried the Creative Zen V (or V+) or the Creativ ZEN?

4 GB 2&quot; Mp4 Spiller
this is a really flat mp3 with a screen that takes up most of it's space, plus the 4GB's of memory would be enough to hold a lot of music.

cant seem to locate this 'spiller' is that the actual name?

The Mindchamber figure/status, whichever you'd like to call it, is really awesome man. Good work and such. And I think an A-Bot MP3 player with a visualizer that'd transform would be awesome. I may even be prone to buy one, just to show my support to NG and whatnot.

Oh and about the Backdoor Pat, I understand what you mean completely. Though, I've not submitted anything that has receieved a review from anyone well known from here, but I get the premise of what you're saying. The only time, I (not that I'm important or well-known on this website) I send someone a message about their Flash, is if its more than likely going to get blammed, telling them that I actually enjoyed it, because they might not get to see the review I left, once the Flash is probably blammed. Ya know?

thats very true about PMing someone to give your opinion/props, incase their flash gets blammed, I hadn't thought of it that way, good call.

I know this has nothing to do with the news post, but how old are you seriously? You ****** act like a fifteen year old. Grow up

Yah I need to grow up, you post in my blog which has nothing to do with anything just to bitch because you gave an incomplete review, like the worthless moron you are. Then you post and bitch on your blog cause I replied to your worthless review.

but yeah I need to grow up.

lol suck my dick bitch

I've made visualizers in electronics class before, lol. I could probably make one for you, or direct you to a kit so you could make one yourself.

if its not to hard I would love to try, where do you get such kits?

Sent a PM with more details!

I leave comments on their page the makes no sense at all.

Kinda flattering.

Like Rig said you could make your own equalizer, since you have to use LEDs for it you can tell Wade to help you he loves LED lol, good luck with it I now is going to be awesome

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