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Aahahahahaha that was fucking retarded indeed!!! holy shit, I laughed like hell. probably gonna have to resist the temptation showing this to my sisters two kids though...

also, frostys nose-hole vaguley looks like a vagina. Or was i the only one who thought so?

Happy holidays MC!

vagina's are a common fear of boys growing up, I did my research when attempting to ruin childhoods :-p

That was funny and scary, heheh!
Nice movie!

Mele Kalikimaka MC!

wow...that was...

(o_o) . . .


LOL i didn't know whether to be amused or scared, happy holidays anyway!

What did you get for christmas :)?

OMG that actually scared me at the end! GREAT JOB :) HAPPY HOLIDAYS :)

Haha, nice. Nothing says Christmas like melting snowmen.

Wow man, you did a really good job as frosty I think. This animation was brilliant by the way. Get duh fuck outada way kid!

Man, you can use effects very well.
It made me laugh, real funny.

I do that to hide my fail :->

Gotta admit when he mentioned marshmellows I thought it was going to be something stupid like his cock or his balls in the drink, knowing you. But you made me very proud seeing the cartoon didn't go in that direction. Pat on the back for you. Brilliant work, very funny.

Merry Christmas.

Lol, what... kinda of an ironic statement when your flash library consists of videgame spoofs and egoraptor knockoffs, when Ive drawn all of like, one dick scene.

haha but I guess take that as a compliment and move on.

Needed some cocks if you really wanted to ruin christmas for the children.

Good movie though, I felt the animation was a little slow when Timmy was on the phone but maybe I am just being critical because I have to spend time with my in-laws today.

Happy Holidays.

Hilarious, although that has to be every kid's nightmare seeing that right before your eyes. Well then again I talking snowman is also somewhat creepy. Anyways awesome job

that was great!

that was hawt

I lol'd at your animation. A job well done for such a short period of time. And you really do have a sweet job. :)

It gets funnier and funnier every time I watch it.

Lol, did you do the voice of the snowman?

ya :(

You only answer the famous people >:O

This turned out great! I noticed you redid some of frostD's lines, but I actually liked them better before. The shading was awesome, and didn't lag one bit. Also I don't know what Rubberninja is talking about, you never do cock and balls humour :\

yeah, haha wtf was that about.

its cool to see you frequenting the portal dont be a stranger.

and have a good holiday

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