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I am a bad artist and a horrible animator. I am a homosexual.

Nevertheless, nice find :P

I tested it out with some known to be traced stuff, and in all three cases I found no results. I'm not really impressed.

ah well I guess its a work in progress, if you find a better plug in keep us posted!

I thought of making something like this once, then I remembered that I have no web developing skillz


That's a cool search engine, I hope it takes off.

wow. that's cool man.

oh ho. very nice. :D

i wonder if it traces negatives of an image. or different colorings of the same outline...

its pretty weak so far, but for some reason I doubt it, I think its reading the actual code of the image. could be wrong tho.

Now if only they had a feature like this for music...

goddamnit, i expected this journal to be about rtil ):

whens your next flash btw? looking forward man.

hmm idk its seems a litte retared but whatever

im working on it, its gonna be pretty big

if its anything like anusBoy, Imma be all over dat!


I thought of this about 6 months ago and thought it'd be super cool
and here it is!

That could be useful. You should make a thread on the Art Forum so that members who have a feeling that something is traced, they can use TinEye to check.

its in the art lounge

It's probably just checking bit-for-bit all the images. That's actually a fairly fast search because the database they keep probably has them organized by some sort of binary hash table or whatever, which is why it can hone in on the exact matches in .8 seconds.

It'd be neat if they could look for similar images or ones where the variation is small (There's some quick ways of numerically calculating the differences between 2 images), but at that point you have to check every image and lose the speed that a hash table offers.

Basically, don't expect it to (anytime soon) be able to find "similar" images, just exact matches.

Now if they wanted too, they probably could recalculate all the similar images to every image in their database, but in order to do that with a billion images, that would be 1000000000 ^ 2 / 2 checks to do, and even if they could test 1000000 images per second (unlikely without a ton of parallel computers) that task would never be complete.

:( . . .

Pretty cool. I can't wait to start putting art of my own on the web, so then I will have a use for it ;)

LOL unless peeps are taking actually pics of me and posting them around! Doubtful, since I am not that HOT. My mom says I am handsome though.

I made an MS Paint stickfigure and loaded it and it only came back with one result.

That means more people need to use it!

Cool stuff though.

wow nice find i can wait to try it :3

Read about it at the BBS, and it sounds pretty amazin! Too good to be true, almost, don't get how they can actually track image changes without tiles or filesizes or things like that to go by, love the service.

This is actually very helpfull. Especially for finding things for art lesson.

how many mario images will come up if I upload a mario image I have.

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