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My high school teacher made my classmates and me do a project on new fuel types for cars, and the electric car was by far the coolest.

There were several ideas being pitched in the industry on how to make the electric car more efficient for its user, such as installing a charger in the garage that keeps the car ready for use at all times or creating highway roads that send electric currents to the car to keep them running for longer distances.

Though the possibility of some of these ideas seemed next to nil, they were cool to think about.

definitely cool stuff, Probably the next logical step is solar panels for recharging the battery

The capitalists ALMOST killed the electric car, but it is on the rebound now, and it's late, but good! It may not be the best solution to the pollution and global warming problems, but it is a step in the right direction. With the Tesla Roadster and Chevrolet Volt, the whole image of electric cars being designed by blind monkeys is gone. An electrocar with Mitsu. Lancer X- looks and a low price may kick the hindquarters of the gasoline/diesel- powered lumps... And if scientists discover the secret to cold fusion or similar energy sources, the oil companies will eventually bite the dust etc. etc. Nice to know that you care about the world outside NG, too! ;)

Yeah, I saw it.
Pretty wild.

OdHero: Hydrogen fuelled cars are expensive to build and the slightest leak of hydrogen may cause a rather spectacular explosion...

for some reason the mas speed is even smaller in some states. my state is at 35. kind of a bummer since I use the highway alot and the max speed there is 50-55. still, this seems like a step in a good direction!

yeah i saw this earlier this year during debate class when we were arguing about alternate fuel sources. i think it was GM that made the first prototype for an electric vehicle and then toyota, mitsubishi and everyone else tried to do the same. i find it amazing that it was the very companies that made the cars eventually took them away just to be rusted away in dumps or turned into heaps of scrap, while there was so much usefulness to them. well anyway its nice to know that someone else has seeen this amazing documentary!!

They're expensive now, but economics tells us that as soon as they catch on they'll be way cheaper.

Who killed the electric car?... Republicans. :P

Up here in Canada they've had electric cars for years. They distribute them in Ontario but the sad thing is, is that they're only LEGAL (wtf?) in British Columbia. You just plug it into any power outlet outside overnight and you drive it all day. The best thing about it is you can't hear a thing from it, it's so quiet.

who controls the british crown
who keeps the metric system down

yeah i have seen this before.
but in a powerpoint resentation.

Made me think humanity has no salvation.

Glad to see others have seen this documentary

I think rich people have better tastes then that. They're driving S Classes if anything. And sadly, I don't think one care make a big difference so just stay with gas for the next few decades.

im waitin for the Tesla to drop in price ... my main gripe with electric cars is they are so ugly. does no designer want to touch designing a good lookin electric car?

Too much research in the technology not enough on visual aesthetics.... theres no way im driving in that big green booger.

Anyone fancy a mass production hydrogen car.

<a href="http://automobiles.honda.com/fcx-clarity/">http://automobiles.honda.com/fcx-clar ity/</a>

I saw someone driving that car.

Anyone fancy a mass production hydrogen car.

<a href="http://automobiles.honda.com/fcx-clarity/">http://automobiles.honda.com/fcx-clar ity/</a>

You just LOVE helping the planet admit it.

I totally agree...

We'll never reach a Yutopia if big time companies keep holding back knowledge for the sake of money.

For the sake of safety maybe for the BIG ones like Stem-Cell Research.

But for the good of the whole world...phhtt....what a bunch of Bank Pigs.

I've seen that documentary! That thing really opened my eyes about CEOs and their need and want for money...Really wish that car had came out. Would have probably saved the environment and maybe helped us out in this economy. But at least stuff is commin' out now though!
Think about something though, you know how an electric car is basically wheels, axles, a battery, and a hull? That means dramatically less visits to the mechanic, and no more buying new, expensive engine parts for your car!
On the other hand, that does mean a lot of car part places and mechanics will be outta luck...which we don't need right now.
Man, how did we get stuck in this mess?

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