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Very good! *favourites, votes 5*

Good work, you rock with graphics and such :)
Happy Pico Day!




It was so difficult =/

I wish it was more face paced, and had mindchambers cock on as a hp bar. If only...

I love your art & animation skillz

yah this game is more about timing, I need to address that in the instructions.

Yay, free save point.

great art...but I can't really play because of that. Is there a quality setting?

we plan to up load it with it later, sorry about that

As I said before, it wasn't all that..

I will definitely play this when I get the chance! I've been on a huge medal frenzy since that feature came along, so I will be having some fun with this!

this is nice

Sweet game. Nice and challenging. The effects were masterful. I love it. Happy Pico Day!


hey man thanks, and your flash submission was sick!

I am having extreme difficulty beating your game. But I suck at games, so I can't complain about the difficulty. I'll just have to keep trying.

Thanks for all the entertaining games and movies, Mindchamber.

we plan to make it a bit more forgiving, glad you gave it a shot tho

make it more forgiving?

pfft. I beat it on my first try. It's not THAT hard. I mean the guy's got like, 4 attacks, learn to read and hear the sounds, you're set for epic win.

With that said, awesome art, awesome endboss fight. My favorite was bouncing off the zillions of cannon balls he'd swarm at you.

whoa cool, glad you dug it, thanks

I cant seem to use my magic :(

if you level down, you lose it

you draw the king extremely well, but you made the four knights look like faggots

sorry I didnt mean to,

Thank you so much. After I left a review, another one about a quality button, I read some of the others and I noticed that you said you are planing a quality button.

The game is great from the 5fps version my PC was allowing me to run. Can't wait until I'm able to play it faster.

the Q button is in now, thanks

I've been following your flash ever since With My Mind's Madness. Great work with the game. It's up to your standards. I had fun.

Happy Pico Day man.

thanks! and happy pico day to you too!

Da pink night will crash my castle.


I beat it! It was great.

I like the fact that it was challenging. Other beat 'em ups here may be difficult, but not challenging. This is game probably has more replay value than Castle Crashing the Beard or Portal Defenders.

Please do not tone it down too much. I know it would be more work, but maybe you could have difficulty settings so that those who want a challenge can play it at the original difficulty.

thanks, that means alot

Hate to say this Mindchamber, but I felt that this game really needed improved controls. Things are far to unresponsive and it makes the game difficulty level unnecessarily hard. The biggest offender is the time it takes to complete an attack, which means that any tiny little mistake (which is quite normal in this sort of game) is instantly punished with a sucker punch.

I think that with more responsive controls, this would be a very good and fun game; as it is, it's simply too frustrating (and this coming from a guy who recently completed CoD4 on veteran!).

On the other hand, I might need to sleep on it, I am pretty tired right now...

theres some things that were thrown in on purpose,, for instance,

if youre mashin in the air and land, and are still mashing, Pinky does his little slap animation, that animation holds you in place. Also if you don't time your air hits you fall to the ground quicker. All this was put in to force the player to time their attacks. The problem is this type of game is associated with straight button mashing, so the timed attacks are starting to feel counter intuitive.
I have some ideas to remedy this though.

thanks for your input.

Hey, MindChamber!

I just want to congratulate you on your awesome game!

Just one observation, though, I can't seem to get the enemy robot to create a third minion for the "onebigclusterfart" medal. Any idea?

oh sorry, you just got to kill 3, not 3 at the same time, sorry for the confusion

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