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Oh, thanks for the clarification!

I'm going to wait until you've fixed it some more before I leave my review but rest assured this is great - especially from an aesthetic standpoint.

I appreciate you don't want to turn this into a total pussfest but if I I was to throw my two cents I'd suggest that either the powerups aren't lost as easily or homeslice recharges a little slower. It's kind of a kick in the nuts when he gets back to almost full health. I'm sure you can work it out. Fucking good job bro.

thanks, I think I will make his killer moves blockable that should help, also he can regenerate his armor but not his real health, his armor will always regenerate, But once that red bar is gone its over.


Like your cock last night

; )

Haha, nice.

when you makin' peeko tew?

She is woman hear her roar.

Is that double jump a pussy fart?

not to be mean but it suck, ok not suck but it wasn´t good

Woot first day of May
Woot so happy just bit more for here in chile be the winter vacations :D

woot finally frosty is out yay woot!

It wasn't so hard, once you realised what you're suppost to do. MC... WHAT... IS WITH... THE PET!?!?!? o.o.. That thing is creepier than Beholder! Oh, and I hope they add the Pink Castle Crasher as DLC for the arcade game. XD I'd so download him!

ahaha, it's funny the art is better in this game then in the real castle crashers. I mean at least you treid to make each knight have have differnt shaped body's and not just the same knight with slightly difernt colours.

also all the animations are alot more entertaining then the real one. (and actauly shows the characters personality)

wishes you were the artist for behemoth <_< >_>

Great job man, love your scetchy style :)

It would be nice if you added a function that allows you to re-map the keys cause i have unnaturally large hands that make it hard for me to use the ASD and arrow key position makes my hands hurt.

your best bet is to download "joy2key" and map them to your controller.

It's so hard and long...

just the way you like it baby

Lots of fun and it kept me up much later than I should have been


awesome work


awesome game bro, solid fluid animation, great gameplay. as hard as it is, I love challenging games, some people may agree or disagree, but I'm pretty happy with the difficulty. even though I suck it's still fun. anyway, great game.

glad you kept at it,. the next build wont be as punishing I promise!

I can't wait till PK is in the store!

That game is hard as shit, but it's so well put together it's mind blowing. The fact that it has the score it does right now is a fucking travesty. Sure it's hard, and a few moves are on the cheap side, but once you start to master moving around on every axis it opens itself up a lot more. Awesome effects, great graphics, great moves. I'm definitely going to keep cracking at it to ear some of those medals. Good work.

glad to hear you gave it a chance. we do have plans to keep the challenge, but make it less punishing.

That game is so hard... also, your pico preloader is really nice, great work on that :)

the quality button made all the difference. Only other thing is the regular A attack seems too long. Often I land on the ground, tap a by accident, and pretty much get my ass handed to me.

that was totally intentional and it might be something we remove, we added that to keep you from button mashing,

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