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took me about 10 mins, to figure out how to use it, but after that I got the juciy kissed medal on da pink knight.

im gonna try play tf2 with this.

how did you hook up your xbox controller to it?

all Xbox360 controllers are PC compatible

K so i've downloaded Joy2Key, opened and extracted.

Clicked Setup ad i got the "There's no controller and make sure DirectX 6 is installed hur hur hur" message.

So, i connected my XBox 360 Controller to my computer using the XBox's USB Connector and waited, nothing happened after a while it just sat on my desk, flashing away.

Sooooo what now MC?

Oh and it's still not detecting any controllers and still asking for DirectX 6.....

so wait,, you installed this BEFORE you added your controller?

sounds like your PC illerate. Heres an Idea, DO WHAT ITS ASKING



I don't think I'd use a controller for flash games simply out of principal. I feel like if you intend to make a game you play with a controller, you should make it downloadable or something like XNA. Flash games are so quick and accessible I would hate to set up anything extra just to play one, unless it was absolutely phenomenal and I was playing it all the time.

Lol, "Principal"

well, That's what the casual games are for, for fruits like you.

but other programmers, who actually want to raise the bar in flash games, this offers those users a chance to experience games the way the programmer intended, and lets face it, not everyone is gonna be coding it in XNA.

dont pigeonhole flash games homie.
Thats what people do to you for your awesome flashes.

gotta think out da box bro

Would this program be able to work with roms like ZNES and virtual boy?

since im sick tired of keyboards not reading multiple buttons at a time and that causes my death a lot of times in free ware games like megaman 7 NES version

should work that has to do with your keyboard or mouse

After I read this post I ran out and got my 360 Controller! Thanks MC! We love you! <3

I assume you guys used this at applecon =D

too bad I don't have a contoler... =(

yup this is how we were able to get people to play 4 players like that.

maybe then someone can make a comptent shooter for flash!!!!!

just downloaded it. going to use it today!

Too bad keyboards are better than controllers

matter of opinion.

Those Controllers look pretty good
where can i find one of these? i really wan't one

but since the the keyboard has like thousands of controls like letter, numbers, Print Screen, Enter, Ctrl

do i only got to put the arrows
for example if i play a flash game with that controler, and i to shoot is A, to move is with the arrows, b is to run, y is shield and x is for changing weapons
they gotta look like this
Controller (A) and to remapped the controller as a keyboard then i got to use the H on the keyboard so in the controller is H as in A

i know i don't understand what am saying nethier.

I was thinking about this recently whilst animating stuff for the game I'm making. It'd nice to be able to vary the movement speeds of the controlled character (depending on how hard you push it) whilst playing by using a mini joystick like on a 360 controller. But its not something you'd want to leave open to the people who just have the equipment. Its a nice thought though.

thats when you add it as an option. and I think everyone has a usb controller.

and besides this program merely emulates what can only be done on keyboards anyways, so no one loses out.


I'm all for pushing the boundaries but I'm just saying there are better options already available for people who want to push their game further. It's hard not to acknowledge Flash as a really powerful medium now and it can surely handle games that are really outstanding, but it's a medium that inherently involves mouse and keyboard, you know? If I opened up a flash game and it told me to use a peripheral I don't have, I'd just say "guess I'm not playing this game, then."

I guess it's a matter of preference. I always considered the use of a specific medium to be important in a decision to make something to begin with. I mean if you plan to write a story with all kinds of internal dialogue it'd be much smarter to write a novel instead of make a movie. I consider flash to be the same way, although I don't rule out the possibility of whatever new ideas break the norm.

You can play a game however you want to play it of course but I'm more referring to the idea that a developer designs a flash game with the intention of making it more playable with a controller. It just seems silly to choose Flash as a medium to do that when there are better options.

In fact arguing this seems kind of silly too WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH GOD

you and rubber dont get it, this is merely an extra option, and you guys are making sound like Im saying its the only alternative. Flash games should always be keyboard friendly, All I'm saying is that if you want the most out of games that are more preferable with a controller well here it is.

just for the record almost All these flash games are more or less imitations of Console games of the past. WHich all used controllers. If you want to go for that vibe, why not finish the feel with an actual controller? Ya know?

Holy crap!

You reckon I could set this up to work with PC games as well? :3

garrrrrr too bad my XBox controller's wireless.

I get what Ego's saying, I'd close any game that told me to go and get a controller. Using a controller for a game that's based on old console games is also a good point though.
If anyone's makin a game that feels a bit shit on a keyboard, I think they'd do better to design around it. Like a fast-paced action platformer with long and short range attacks would suck on a keyboard, so I made it use a mouse and now it's fuckin perfect. Not everyone can be a genious like me tho obv.

I should REALLY get back to work on that game.

Oh I get what you mean about it being an option, that sounds cool. Just I'd worry that it'd give other players a extra edge of control over those without such "pressure sensitive" controls. Considering I'm planning to work online capabilities into the thing I'm making o:..

I'll look into it though!

You never cease to amaze me.

since most of my controllers are SAITEK I just use their programming software. it's super fast and easy to use, and if you want to learn more complicated controls the advanced programing really isn't that hard. and with the macros you can chain things together so easily. Logitech has programming software for their stuff too.


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