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you should add the audio portal bot, or the angry face (lol)

but hank is a great addition to the game. great job :D

hank is awsome but hank died in mc7 in end

Lol, the clown brings him back.

MindChamber responds:

im thinkin about adding wonchop to the next rumble .. lol\

oh sweet jesus please no

add sinister mentor

Add Sinister please :)


I lost some saved games but its OK now :)


another vote for adding sinister

That's pretty cool. Looking awesome.

lol a dude named rudy.

parents mustve been pissed at you or somethin.



Go into the NG search bar...and look up a cartoon named "XANDER MATRIX" but without the "

Xander Matrix.

Got that? Watch it.

Now.....you must include....both characters from that...in NG Rumble. I am not joking. I SHIT THEE NOT.

haha Holie shit I can not believe that dude is nineteen


OMG! On Hank's Final Level On Story Mode,The Madness Henchmen I Beaten Were 31!

shit he only had 4 days to make the damn sprite for hank, animate him, get negative to a background and then code him in. Mindchambers friggin amazing.

neg did the bg and coding as well
it was a tuff week for both of us.

your hank is pretty good but i can make him look real

then do it, dont waste your breath talking about it.

I love that style man, it's super slick and well, very awesome. The shading/highlighting is fucking ace.

Im glad you liked it man, I just wanted to do hank justice. cant wait for the next episode!

I'm sure they're awesome but I've already played it and don't have the time to wait for it all to load again unless it's a totally different game but I'm positive they are amazing so I'm gonna say nice work!

it takes 30 seconds for it to load here. so either you have ADD, or you need to get off your moms shitty dial up

Wow, you win again Jose.

I keep seeing your absolutely dedicated style and I constantly wonder why we haven't seen like...a Mindchamber original series out of you after all your years around the NG neighborhood. I know, I know, there's Alloy and whatnot. But it seems like your greatest attribute is taking what someone else did, and then making it insanely better. I fear the day you consider Blockhead worth imitating, as I do not look forward to being embarrassed and outdone :D

I also want to point out that I never imagined you'd continue to expand on NG Rumble. A constantly updated fighting game...this idea just blows my mind. And with the henchmen in Hanks' final level, you totally made my night. NOW I MUST BEAT IT.

thanks for the love swain. and I just hope I can do blockhead the respect he deserves.. and your animating skills are nothing to sneeze at. I just hope at the rate you are learning, that I can keep up! ^_^

as for a mindchamber series.. I want to.. really bad.. but if you could see that story in my mind you would understand that Im simply not ready to animate it. One day I hope to be.

Hank's awesome! So, do you plan on adding new characters again anytime? Cause StrawberryClock is exetremely deserving, especially when compared to the horrible Samurai Asshole. Why'd you add him anyway? I'd also like to see Dad and Blockhead, but StrawberryClock is my most wanted.

we had planned to add Hank anyway, but it was fitting to add him on the very first madness day ever.

I want to hear about the story ya got in mind. Or at least a part of it.
It'll be interesting to see how you are when it comes to scripts, plot-points, etc. etc. as apposed to art/animation/being a god.

The sprites are awesome especially considering the time constraints.
Hanks last stage is actually way too easy I don't see why people were bitching, because the enemies spawn in the same place.

-If you stand at the bottom of the stage you can rape the guy right off the cliff right as he spawns in.

-The other two, you can rape as they come through the door.

-Then repeat. Not to mention the item thing spawns right next to you.

- also being able to attack both left and right at the same time owns this stage.

It's pretty fun though no complaints ^_^; I honestly suck with him on other stages because hes like.. to slow or something, It's hard to quickly do something else after he starts shooting, Pico always seems to kick my ass with Hank. But he really shines on that Madness stage.

It's be awesome if you could make it where Hank gets all fucked up the more damage he takes, like blood, etc.

Good shit as it is though.

This game is amazing. Honestly it should have a console version like alien hominid. Just add more charchters and other bells and whistles then it would be good to go.

tell tom :)

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