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So am I missing something by not seeing it?
Do you recommend I see it?

Only if you are a transformer fan.

think of it as a 2 and a half hour cartoon episode. its crazy shallow but fun.

Still I'll watch it for sure.

The second half was like an hour and a half trailer in my opinion. With the camera constantly on a crane or dolly zooming by even when they're having an "emotional moment" and the shots not lasting longer than 2.4 sec each. Megan fox is fucking hot though.

Its far too long with no story but I suppose you can expect that much from a film that's based on robotic toys.

Oh and enough slow motion. Sooooo tired of it Bay.

Transformers has 3 decades worth of lore.

its not the toys fault, its the writers of the movie

that was an awesome movie

If I don't see it in the next week, somebody is gonna get hurt!

well now i have to see it. i need to see it NOW!!!!!! that is all...

I agree with you 100%

Didn't understand which robot was getting it's ass handed over to them, but I still enjoy several thousand tons of metal bashing each other to nothing be pieces of scrap.

Awesome movie.

So it's a low matinee then.

(Question : Was Optimus Prime originally a "FIre Truck" or a "Semi" ? )


eh, I might rent it some time, even though watching it in the theater is both cheaper and MOAR EP1C!


so... from your description I get the feeling that reading a plot summary wouldn't spoil it much, BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLOT amirite?


I'll be sure to watch it.

I was right, the plot summary I read gave me absolutely no idea as to how the movie would go

Was it like being back in your old Transformers shirt, worn from wearing it everywhere, the logo of the Autobots almost faded, sitting in front of the TV watching the Transformers movie for the umpteenth time?


omg you wear a TF shirt? 0_o hawt

Two words: Megan Fox!

I went to the theatre an hour early, and the tickets were all out. I got tickets for Year One and planned to sneak in, but the line went all the way to the back of the theatre. I'm never trying to watch movies on opening day again.

I hear the devestator is mmmmmmmmassive, so I gotta see it.
How much screen time do you think he has?

It took him longer to transform, than it did to die

Sure, there was 100times more action than the first, and the story suffered somewhat, but it wasn't bad by no means. Bay just needs to ditch so many of the slow-motion shots, they can be a bit tiresome at times, though sometimes they're awesome when it comes to showing the detail.

My favorite thing about bay is mainly how he doesn't use static shots very often, which helps with the action in my opinion.

But I loved the part when Prime says, "I will take you all on myself!" And proceeds to whoop some major ass.

ya this was definitely primes movie

I'll only watch it if the beginning has the techno-voice thing that goes "Transformers" in the theme song from the original show. I loved that.

I came in wanting an action movie.

What I got, was an awesome action filled movie.

I wish I owned a TF shirt. :(

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