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Those are some impressive 3D effects! Were they done using CS4's 3Dness or through some other form of visual trickery?

why does everyone on Newgrounds need to give their boss fights like fifty million billion health!? Infact, the bit where I smashed through walls felt like it was stretched out too much n all. I like how you introduce bosses though, it's stylish as fuck.
Side note: like- I don't know how computers work- but doesn't it slow down the game using PNG animations cos it has to load new PNGs every frame? Am I totally wrong or is that how it works?

If you get the superblast his energy drops pretty quickly

new flash caches the pngs, back in the day they were slow, but now they are actually faster than vectors, especially vectors with filters.

I'm going to tweet this to give it more exposure!

No puedo esperar. Tengo jugar A HORA!

dale webo

Awesome work.

Great job to both of you and of course M-Bot, that crazy sumbitch.

ha thanks

its always fun to get him purposely killed XD

lol im such an evil bastard.


yea i thought the wall smash part ran a little long. I thought the boss fights were pretty satisfying. The bus turning itself around was a pleasant suprise i didnt see that coming. I think its a great experiment and more developers should take a chance and do shit for the sake of just seeing what will happen. Tough these days when its all paycheck driven and sponsors are scared to sponsor anything that might be too experimental.

i agree too, maybe frosted will shorten it a bit and add more dudes..

thanks for the nod my good man

Zaxxon!? I LOVE ZAXXON!! I can finally throw away my old MSX computer...

great job on the game mindchamer! keep up the good work.


that bus resembled a SEPTA bus. and for that,
i took particular joy in destroying it.

also nice game :)

haha septa sucks

nice :<>


The 3d boss intro really surprised me, in a good way :)

Overall I liked it, especially because it was a new gameplay experience...I do wish the boss had a LOT less health though, even after getting the huge gun and blasting him it only took off like 1/16th health...once I died I didn't have the stomach to boot it back up and grind through that much boss health again.

Make you start the game all over? After all that grindin? No way. This aint cave of wonders. XD..if you hit try again you start from the boss , and both of you have low health i believe. glad you dug it.

Awesome game. The graphics alone were amazing but the gameplay was great. My only issue is with playing with the mouse. Its nearly impossible to play with the mouse when the ads are right under the game.I kept accidentally popping open a new window.. I had to play in keyboard mode nonetheless I beat the game and it was sooo worth it.

btw, how do you change into k-9 mode?

Glad u liked it. To get K9 mode u need to upgrade 4 times. You'll see your combo meter light up,next to a "press Z". Icon

you game is soo cool and your awesome :D

Update: DAMN I just can't seem to get those extra medals!!!

This game is So high Rez that it makes me Dizzy @_@

There is an impressive amount of detail that has my every attention. So focusing on juggling those angry faic droids is a real challenge for me.

Beating bosses for me is no prob. It's just...

I can't seem to play this game without getting HIT! Damn! Powerups down, up, down, up.



This game MC. is a real test of skill.

Seriously - the graphics is a real leap forward against any other flash game I had EVERY played on Newgrounds.


(*.*) so sparkly in eyes

Haha. The trick is K9 mode. Do that at least 3 times. And then rape the spammers in the right corner and you'll have plenty of points.

Also when you fight collab you are allot 1000 badge points to beat him. So any points left over from that goes to your final score. Technically if you can beat Collab without losing damage, then all you really need is 500 badges from the main game to get the CitySweeper medal

*ahem - Blue Ray for flash.

You know I don't actually buy Blue Ray Dvd's because my eyes can't handle it.

It's like it pierces my corneas. It's TOO awesomeness for my eyes.

yep m-bot the game is awesome

I was all happy chappy with that game, All until i leveled up my gun (for the 4th time) on the boss fight and it froze with the cinematic. I was sad.. D:

It is a great game

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