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Oh man, That's beautiful, why didn't they start the series off like this in the first place.

Wait, so in the original show, Megatron transformed into a giant handgun?

Who would shoot this said gun?

Anyways, yeah, the legs and shoulders look kinda funky, but the gun form looks pretty cool.

Hehe yeah. the show was pretty silly with it actually. Megs would turn into a handgun, and someone else would fire it, like Starscream or soundwave. whats funny is how it made no sense with scale. because one time spike ran up and shot megatron in gun mode. He had to hold the gun up with one arm like a boozooka and pull the trigger with the other :-p

Go rob Walmart with it. Serves Them for not having your transformers in stock.

Prtty cool. I'm always amazed how these artists can re create a cartoon into reality either through movies or toys.

I suppose a toy gun would be fun to play with than other miscellaneous items they've tried.
However, it can't be too useful to Megatron himself. I mean, a gun doesn't really have the greatest mobility. He'd kind of also need someone to pull the trigger (unless he was capable of doing so himself- I don't know, I've only seen a few episodes of the original show).

Neat looking toy.

Nothing to say about Megatron (except that I'm highly impressed at the gun mode), but I'm suprised you haven't posted about (<a href="http://kotaku.com/344073/another-gamespot-reviewer-decides-to-leave">http://kotaku.com/344073/another-game spot-reviewer-decides-to-leave</a>) this and (<a href="http://kotaku.com/340957/longtime-gamespot-reviewer-leaves-cites-gerstmann-firing">http://kotaku.com/340957/longtime-gam espot-reviewer-leaves-cites-gerstmann -firing</a>) this. I know, I know, it's still not a smoking gun, but all the circumstancial evidence is adding up so goddam fast that I'm doubting anyone could still belive in CNet's innonce (so to speak).

Also, could I possibly bother you into reviewing my latest flash submission? I'd deeply appreciate the input of a veteran flash artist like yourself before I started other flash projects. Link: <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/419203">http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /419203</a> Thanks in any case.

Well I I knew that was gonna happen, but for the most part I got alot of replies from people didn't believe it. so I just kept quiet about it and now people are seeing the truth for themselves.

Megatron turning into a giant handgun that shoots with corner lazer sound effects was one of my favorite things on the old transformers.
That is how I will always remember him.
I even tried to find a short .gif animation of megatron changing into gunmode from the old show, but i couldn't find one. I fail.

As hard as it is to believe I use to watch the G1 Transformers when I was like 4-7.

videotape how it transforms. I need to see it to believe it.



hehe maybe a timelapse? because turning him into a gun took about 35 minutes :(

lol imagine if a kid brought that to school and he transformed it into a gun... hed be runign around with a gun screaming "TRANSFORMERS RETARDS IN DISGUISE!!"
the teachers would be like "waaaah?" That does sorta look like a real gun...i can bet i can kill a man with it...

Holy shit, I'm so fucking jealous. Even though it would have been better if it were Star Scream. I fucking love him :3

should I post pics of him as well? I have him in Jet mod and it took forever haha

Just wondering, but with this recent addition, how many transformers do you have?

wait y is there 2 guns? u got 2 diff sized megatrons?

Wow...I did not know that Megatron actually turns into a "real - looking" gun! You've got a rare find!

If you get a certificate of authenticity from Hasbro...hold on to it for the next 50 years...you could sell it for a Hefty price to a museum or something.

How much did it cost you? I'll bet it was expensive.

What's the little hand gun? Is that part of the model?

the smaller gun is actually an orginal megtron from the 80s. the bigger one is the new one I just got, the "masterpiece" version

Yeah, I loved how stupid that was.

My cousin had that ages ago. He nearly snapped his fingers off trying to transform the bastard.

Well a long time ago, Transformers were my favorite toys. I did't watch the movie so I might be a bit out of date.

The bigger question is: where the heck does he store his amonition?
I mean ... he needs battelship rounds like ... uhm ... "USS Missouri-Size".
And who has got an eye big enough to look through this giant scope?

Anyway, whats that smaller gun in compare to Megatron shown on the picture?
Is this one of the smaller ones that come with thier "Master"?

The fact you got one a few days after me makes me happy. It's one of the most complicated transformations i've ever come across, and not that forgiving. But that just goes with Megatrons character when you think about it. Other than that it's still made of pure awesome, and he's delightfully twatting Masterpiece Prime as we speak.

haha I just set up a face off on my desk yesterday. Prime hiding behind a group of autobots tho :-p

Thats fucking awesome! I always wanted an Optimus Prime as simiiliar as from the series... Don't know why, but there was something about the shape of his head htat appealed me as something really tough and strong about him. I did get a version of him, but I think it was the second edition... a little more plastic and he was actually possible to transform into one large and one small Prime. I remember I didn't think it lived up to my expectations to 100%, but still, it was cool enough for me, and we had loads of fun hours with lots of <3. :)

Dare I ask how much you paid for this Megatron edition?

when I was at comic con, they had one for sale for 300 bucks. I died alil that day

I sniped this on ebay for like 93 ^_^

That's awesome. I'd buy it.

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