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Someones a buzzz kill.. goto bed.

i see you on the ng webcam stop biting your nails too.

Coming to see me will be worth it.

Don't be a weiner.

How many planes have crashed in the United States in your lifetime... that didn't have to do with Terrorism? All the commercial accidents are in countries that have extreme conditions and poor aircraft maintenance and older aircraft.

You weiner.

And in addition to all of that, you also run the risk of being attacked by a goblin mid-flight, ala Twilight Zone.

I prefer trains...

Oh Lawds! I hate planestoo, but I'm fascinated by flight. What if they made modern airships? Im' talking about big ass, kills all vegetation sun blocker, ridiculously huge modern airships? Would you ride those? There not full of incinerating fuel and if the ehgine stops, you'll like glide down and bounce off the ground. Can you think of any other blimp, derigable, or airship disasters besides Hindenburg? The same MetLife blimp is always flying around in my area for years, nothing happened to it yet.

So yeah... I really like airships, I'm gonna have one someday.

What can you do about it........Plane crashes will always occur, but it will be one in one thousand. Just hope that nothing happens......I like the idea displayed in the picture.....Think about it, maybe you can do something about it.

Im sure Mindchamber made it over fine.. im gonna go see him shortly EVERYONE BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF FOR HIM.

Chillax fewl you're not gonna die going to Comic Con.
I know where you're coming from though.

That plane idea is a good one :O

i read sumwhere, may actually have been on QI , that no1 actually no's the WHOLE reason that planes stay up in the air so i supose ur rite to think that planes aint safe, but whats life without risks. w8 its longer

That's a great drawing!

I would like planes like that, I fly China Eastern Airlines, oh god... It's a deathtrap!

The problem with planes is that if there's a problem, you can't really step out and avoid it.
Also, the planes being safer statistic is bogus, because cars don't just crash on their own; it's just because there are so many other cars to crash into. Planes just get problems on their own and plummet, unlike any car I've ever been in.
Oh well. Butch up. It's not like you're going to feel it anyway.


I agree wholeheartedly.

If I have to go somewhere across the sea, I will take a god damned boat.

Because if the boat capsizes, HEY I can swim!
If the plane crashes, thats it. Game over. Do not pass go. Do collect $200. Thats it. Your done.

Just fly in blimps.

I actually don't find anything wrong with your logic.. cept for the piss bullet thing.. wtf?

I agree with you. About 4 years back I won a trip to San Fransisco. At that time, I had not been on a plane since I was like 3 and I had a fear of flying. I was almost going to take the train.

And it's annoying when people say there are so many more car accidents than plane accidents... Ok... But if I get in a car accident my odds of surviving are pretty good compared to a plane accident where there's no chance of really surviving.

I also like your diagram. I don't see why it would be that difficult to do because the cabin is air tight sealed, so it would be fine alone...

One more thing. That picture you showed is NOT of a shuttle taking off from the plane. That plane is just a transport plane that brings the shuttle back to the space center. Independent space projects have their "shuttles" take off from on top of a plane because they are simply to small to be able to get all the way to space. I don't really know much about space travel, but I don't think a large shuttle would ever be able to take off from a plane.

What I think you should do is do some more research on how planes work, and the science behind them. After that, maybe develop some more detailed diagrams of your idea and how they could be implemented. Hell, if planes had that I wouldn't be afraid of flying... I'm sure airlines would purchase it even if it was more money because it would make flying more desirable to people who are scared.

If i were a millionare, I would throw a few hundred thousand your way for that design, although it is rare that a plane crashes.
You said a plane crashes once around the globe? I'm not sure on the details, but there are thousands of flights daily.
Phobias, fear and paranioa.

Mindchamber is the B.A. Baracus of the NG-Team.

Ross 'Faceman' Snyder had to drug his milk while Will 'Murdoch' Stamper distracted him with cock sculptures made from Hungry Jack mashed potatoes.

Once drugged he was serenely flown to San Diego where Tom 'Hannibal' Fulp was heard saying "I love it when a plan comes together"



yup thats how it went down.

well mindchamber made it to the comic con and back in one piece.. what a baby.

haha, whatever

Heh, I didn't notice this post before I left. See, I get the same way. I'm actually surprised I made the trip, to be honest. It's kinda unlike me to actually choose to board a plane of my own will.

It's like...I KNOW it's safer, I KNOW it's efficient. Really, you can die doing anything, so why be scared of this? But you know what statistic I listen to most? That out of 100% of all planes that have ever crashed, I wasn't driving a single one of them...and out of 100% of the times I've ever driven my car, I have survived. Honestly, I'm not afraid of the crash, I'm afraid of the moment where I realize I've made a mistake. It's like, I don't wanna lose hope. At least if I'm driving down the highway and some guy comes plowing into me at breakneck speeds, I know I still have a chance because I'm the one in control.

Oh, and lol @ Luis :D

(oh, also, I don't think the bottom of the passenger capsule could be empty for buoyancy, or else the whole thing might flip over as it falls. Instead, maybe a sealed interior with a weighted bottom so that the passenger area is its own bubble)

haha good call on the bottom part.. I left out that there would be a raft-like flotation device that wrapped around the exterior of the capsule. That would inflat on impact.

But yeah. I have to admit, that last flight home was amazing, the pilots finessed that vessel like sex.. we even flew by a thunderstorm, and I enjoyed natures light show, without so much as a cold sweat.

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