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Go SpeedRacer. Seriously Go Pick this up.

Posted by MindChamber - October 10th, 2008

Ok So I downloaded SpeedRacer from Xboxlive the other day.
I figured why not, at the very least I will grab a few animation tips from the overly cartoony cg Race scenes. What I got was a lesson in some of the most creative Directing, editing and film making to come in a long time. The cuts from scene to scene are artistic in thier own right, the zooming in, overlaying of characters, are all original, and unique. No question the editor of this movie had to have ha a background in animation just to keep up. Forget about, for a minute, the drama behind the Wachowskis, forget the weirdness, the claim that they didnt write the Matrix, forget any of that. These Guys are geniuses, and in my eyes, whether they wrote Matrix or not, they are the only ones who couldve pulled that off.

SpeedRacer as most of you guys know is an adaptation of the 60's anime of the same name. The show shocked kids and family alike for its unusually real consequences, but goofy dialogue. Mobsters ran the tracks, Corruption, dudes got shot. Its made for a weird cartoon, and even weirder live action movie adaption. The scenery and actors have this gleem to them, very robotic and fake, but I say that in realest way possible. Almost like the Duracell family commercials, but just like the show, they deal with these real world dilemmas.
Things like Speeds older brother dying, race drivers being tortured by the mob to lose races, and Giant corrupt Corporations that control and fix races so they can control the markets. All of this has this very surreal uneasy feeling it gives you, but it works! I have no doubt in my mind this was all intentional. Its the same surreal feeling you got when you watched the first Ninja Turtle movie.
Here comes the turtles all smiling and happy with their pizza, like the show, then BAM, Master Splinter is bloody ,sweaty, chained to a fence, and one of the turtles is dying in a tub. LIKE MAN.
what happened here!
The acting runs the gambit of grounded and heartfelt (John Goodman) to the incredibly stale and fail (Christina Ricci). Which was probably unintentional and does hurt the film a bit, but that's all immediately forgotten once a race starts. The intense colors will make your eyes bleed, and the imaginative way to which the drivers use their cars as weapons has never been done before till this movie. The whole movie has this incredibly fake feel to it, explosions are colorful, the dirt that kicks up is incredibly cartoony, but the magic here is not that they are making you believe this world looks real, but that it feels REAL.

The Wachowskis didn't just create a simple movie tie in, they created a work of art, and possibly the next cult classic that will no doubt be shown in film classes for years to come.
Lets make sure people keep funding these guys'/gals' visions and pick up the DVD.

To all the non-believers, I have this to say:



Go SpeedRacer.   Seriously Go Pick this up.


I loved it also, I can't believe some of the bad reviews it got...seems like a lot of the intentional acting, directorial, and visual choices went over the heads of a lot of critics.

I also agree that Christina Ricci was bucketfulls of FAIL.

I am amazed the movie took place all infront of a green screen. Going to pick it up on Blu-ray!

That guy on the left of the picture reminds me of robocop a little :P

The movie was shit, They made a Great Anime into some overly-hyper little kid's wet dream.

Go play Fable2 and StFu.

Speed racer was kinda wierd to me... But that's just my opinion/

oh man i did want to see the movie, i gotta go check it out. hey by the way i made my own top favorite stuff on ng, 2 of your stuff is on it!!! please check it out and comment it would mean so much to me!!!^^ oh well you dont have to if you dont want to!!

It came out in Australia super late.. I've still been meaning to see it.

I dunno if you know how obsessed with Speed Racer I am but I was super close to making a frontpage post about it here but didn't want to have to wade through the sarcastic bullshit reviews on frontpage so I kept it all on my site.

Speed Racer is my favorite movie of all time.

lol, fuck everyone else,, thats what I always say. and if they dont like it invite them to a fight, usually shuts them up right quick :)

never saw the movie. I thought i was too old for it since i had passed grade school and what not.

and yet, you have smurfs as your avatar and username

I loved what Mr and Mrs Wachowski did with the film, their literal unapologetic translation of the source material was totally brave and fresh.

I was praying something similar would happen with Dragonball, but apparently, those prayers have been crapped on and rubbed in my fucking face.

well, some people like that sort of thing, germans I think

Oh man i remember watching speed racer when i was a kid.....when i think of it that cartoon sucked!!

I saw that in the theaters. It was one of the most creative movies I've seen in a while. the graphics were incredible, great storyline, and trixies hot :3

I've not heard a single thing about this movie outside of the internet, but everyone Newgrounds seems to think it's fuckin awesome, so I'll watch it.

lmao that monkey in the bg is so happy

"well, some people like that sort of thing, germans I think"

Yeah, sure...

I loved it too. Critics should get there heads out of there ass.


Can't wait for the Dragonball movie. LAWL

I Saw it an Imax theater which was kinda neat, but I wish they'd come up with another scene cut other than having something come across the screen with one side being the original shot and the other being the new one. Just reusing the same transition over and over again bugged me once I noticed it.
Probably deliberate but I failed to see the point. (the races were kickass though)

But it hasn't been released yet.

go fail somewhere else please

hmmmmm i have not seen this yet

soo you would recommend this film?

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