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Need an Mp3 Player, with a visualizer!. and backdoor Pats.

Posted by MindChamber - October 24th, 2008

So Im itching to mess with clay again. My MindChamber, came out pretty pimp , being the first time I made a figure with joints and all.(PS , yes those are working LEDs, thanks for the help Wade)

I think I want to smell that funky Polymer clay in my fingernails once again. People Voted on A-Bot, as the next figure I should tackle

The catch here is making him a posable figure is no longer enough, I also want him to have the same visualizer that he has in the Audio Portal. Then after more thought I'm figuring he might as well transform,

There has already been a transformer made with an MP3 inside it. MP3 Soundwave

Making a custom mp3 soundwave to look like A-Bot would be easy enough, But I want to add a bit more.

I want the legs to have the speakers and the speakers to work, as well has having a visualizer, which will probably make him top heavy but I do have some ideas to correct that.

The Real problem is, I cant find a decent MP3 player that has a visualizer. Simply because visualizer on portable mp3 players would make no sense and kill the battery. Still, I can't believe no one has made a mod for this yet, people love overkill, and a visualizer on an mp3 seems overkill enough to have been made into at least one model. I just gotta find it.

The closest I have found was Mobiblu Boxon

The player is flat, and has a wide screen, and even has a visulizer at the bottom. only problem is how small it is. I want a full screen visualizer.

another option is to get this player, and simply add movies to it with songs that I like , and the visualizer looping in the movie. but that would be really lame and last option.

"Back Door Pats"

just curious what people thought of this. A BackDoor Pat is when a really popular or established flash artist, that you may admire, gives you a compliment over PM or email, but doesn't actually post a review.

Some people think the review system is a joke, or maybe they think their message would be missed.

I dont know about you , but If an artist I truly admired posted a review I would know.
I would be so honored, excited and flattered that he posted his thoughts with the rest, that to me it just means more, like publicly tipping his hat, in a crowd where others can see. When you get that backDoor Pat, its like.. eh good job kid, but if you say I was here, I'll deny it.
Maybe I'm just too cynical, and I simply don't take things for face value but. There's a reason we love to read our reviews its because we really want complaints as well as criticism public for all to see.

Anyways, as for the Mp3 player. let me know if any of you got any ideas. thanks.


I plan to use the T-Qualizer Cap, for the visualizer. Its thin and durable, and should work just fine.

Need an Mp3 Player, with a visualizer!. and backdoor Pats.


wow, that came out really great, start mass producing Mindchamber, cause if you make more than one ill be your first buyer

I think the A-bot could be the coolest thing ever seen. Like literally, EVER. It's a shame you can't find a visualizer though-- i agree, it seems like it ought to be easy to find such a thing.

I have never received a back-door pat from anyone i really admire... all the criticism and compliments I've gotten from my favorite artists were in reviews/bbs posts/userpage comments. Public places, essentially, and I'm happy about that... I think sending someone a compliment via PM might make it seem more personal or meaningful, but really, I'd rather have everyone see what they think.

Thanks for posting about that, I would never have thought about it otherwise.

ya people thought I was silly when I brought it up, so might as well see what others think.

I'd buy a mindchamber.

A cheap mobile phone could work? They have visulisers and mp3s.

Sorry, I can't think of anything

well thanks for posting, I was worried you were holding out.

How to take a backdoor pat would probably depend on the situation. If you received one and you mention it in a blog post and the artist who gave the pat comments in it along the lines of "Yeah glad ya liked it lulz :P" then it would probably be fine. Good luck with the design too, sounds like a really interesting idea hope it works :)

This whole things is just so mind-blowing that I don't know what to say.

except...Good Luck!

I hope whatever you make comes out good!


The main reason why I would do the backdoor pat thing is because if all you want to do is give a well intentioned one-line compliment and not spend half an hour analyzing all the little nuances and trying to figure out smart sounding words, you can just do that with a PM and not worry about your comment being marked "useless".

But then again, that leads to an inbox filled with one-line remarks. :/

Oh well, I see your point.

Could you not use the one from that video and then plug some pretty big speakers in it? That would look great especially because of the nice, smooth look it had... Otherwise it would just be best to maybe use a cheap, pretty nice looking Mobile Phone and just buy some speakers? I dunno....

I'd love a "BackDoor Pat" but it's not likely I'll get one. But I am nearly finished with my Halloween submission and wouldn't mind a comment from you when I post it, good or bad... *wink* Lol...

Good luck, man!

I suspect this is too big for the a-bot figure you wanna make, but hey, why not scale it after this:
<a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/illuminated/8a5b/?cpg=ab">http://www.thinkgeek.com/tshirts/illu minated/8a5b/?cpg=ab</a>

It's a t-shirt, a friend of mine has one of em. He's a DJ and when he plays in the dark it gets pretty damn cool. So, what it is - an equalizer that responds to sound in the room. I saw a drumset t-shirt once too, basically there was a drumset on the t-shirt with various pads underneath hooked up with pietzo mics, and then connected to a sample-player. It's simple technology to make yourself, sadly I don't know anything about creating electronics. Yet. ^__^

maybe if I wash it enough times I can shrink it down to 4 inches ^_^

Shit. You've convinced me to start reviewing stuff.
Good luck the the A-bot thing - it looks complicated as fuck to me. lol

Quite an interesting sketch ya got there.

NICEeee you should make mindchamber... TOYZ!!! and put em on teh sstore. i would buy it. I agree with the back door pats. my flashes suck but i want an awesome flash dude to at least tell me what to fix ya know??

I guess im the bunch that feels like if i dont pm an artist he'll never read it.. or ill never follow up and see if he DID see it.. a PM just seems like the most direct way to sit someone down and say here this is what i have to say.

On the other hand i can see the logic behind it looking like youre embarassed to say it in public.

I wish there was a way where the P-bot could send you an email when someone on your favorite authors list has commented / reviewed/ whatever something related to you... maybe thats over the top stalker but meh the site is so large id hate to ignore my actual friends who take the time for me

now thats an awesome Idea., I would totally use that

why are you so awesome?

How about you get the mentioned mp3 player and dissect it so it's just the screen, and wire the buttons to elsewhere on the bot. You kids like dissecting things, right?

get that wig out your eyes, installing the player isnt the problem, It needs to have a visualizer

that's a sick idea and I think that mp3 player would be sick even if its not full screen, I kinda like the idea of being able to see the name of the song and such maybe even prefer it.

sick sick sick sick sick, I should get an editor

I'd seriously sell my grandma for that future A-Bot model

What kind of clay is it? It is the type that you have to heat with a lamp in order to mold? I had a buddy who used to make figurines for Lord of the Rings and what not, and I never got the name of that awesome stuff he used. The stuff he used would go rigid once it cooled to room temperature.


not sure what he used, but I use super sculpy firm

Lol I think the looping thing might be what you have to do..wait, doesn't iPods have full screen visualizers?

Also, back door pats? Now that is just lame. Is that artist too good to post with everyone else?

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