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Considering Legally Changing my Name

Posted by MindChamber - November 30th, 2008

Seriously. Its getting tiring.

I just went to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. To change my NewYork Id, and get my license again.

So the dudes is inputting all my information. Then Looks at me. Then looks back to his computer.
Then back again my way.

I asked him whats up. He replies "it says here, you have something in Illinois , " I laugh. I never been there..

He gives me a "hmmmmm" So Im like, Dude, cross check my social, you cant do a check by name alone.
He said he cant do that. Then after like a minute, hes like. Ok, never mind. I asked why. Hes like,
your name is popping in UTAH, and Massachusetts, and and CA, and..

I was like good lord, you know my name is common right?. He was like 'apparently"

Now this situation isn't so bad, but it happens, ALOT. When I went to comicCon with Tom and the rest of the guys, the clerk flatout said "we are holding on more info on Mr Ortiz, apparently you have a bench Warrant".. I was like WHAT?? come on. Tom and the rest smiled and giggled, but I could tell that it was a nervous giggle. Lol white people are so gullible :-p

This also happened when I came back from Italy, and pretty much happens anytime I have to show a passport. Its really getting tiring.

And its Scary. We all know this System by which we are governed, is faulty and loose. One mis-identification and I could be detained somewhere indefinitely. Haha fuck , just another reason to hate to travel.

I constantly have made jokes about changing my name, but lately Ive been giving it some serious thought.

lol, MindChamber Ortiz.


Legally changing your first name to "MIndchamber" will definitely give you the distinction you need to avoid confusion from others. It'll be the only name of it's kind.

What are you gonna name your kids? P-Bot or Robocop? Lawl.

I personally am not impressed with MY first name...but a last name is something you should keep.

But give it some serious thought...like a tattoo, once you decide to do it...it's hard to undo.

Lol XD

Change it, if you want i'd happily change mine.

lets all change our first names to our newgrounds.com aliases

Well you definitely wouldn't have that problem again, it would probably be a little awkward introducing yourself as "Mindchamber Ortiz". It would, however, be awesome

Plz Plz, just call me MC,

haha I could get used to that.

Hmmmm. i wonder what my name would sound like? Earthshine Johnson. kind of catchy eh?

I'm thinking about that too... It's just about the damn last name part I hate...
Skarai - Last name.
Could change my last name too I guess... But I have no idea what that would be..

well you should change your name if that happens it happened to my dad before in another country so he changed his name

scary isnt it? They look at you like you are guilty,

Do it, do it! XDD

"Plz Plz, just call me MC."
I lol'd

So one day i could see you and say "HI Mindchamber!!" and be right?

Awesome Mcool.
You NEED this name.

Last Name- Chamber
First Name- Mind
The names Chamber, Mind Chamber, and some flash bangs go off behind your head.


"The names Chamber, Mind Chamber" XD. Or use your middle name as your last name like Jon Stewart Leibowitz = Jon Stewart.

You could simply add a middle name to avoid any confusion. But better make it an unusual one. Like "Beercan" or something. ;)

I say I will NEVER have that problem ever... Until people start naming their kids after me in acts of sheer adoration. :P

Dardinus Schlachenbacher be my name!!! (Could you imagine?)

I'd like to change my name, I don't like it.

What's the chance of you actually changing it?

No Bro, Just Tell Him U Made Madness Regent Tribute and he will say OMG I LovedThat I have A Lot Of Respect 4 U & NewGrounds and do u kno Tom Flup?

Lol, yeah Cause making newgrounds related flashes have nothing to do with the fact that Im a newgrounds staff member.

Go get yourself another bowl cut, rock Lee, ya fuckin dyke.

change it to peter file

change it to Butts Ortiz.
nobody will see it coming

How cool would that be. Changing ur name to mindchamber. That'd be helarious and awesome.

Then u should run for president. . . or somethin >.<

president Mindchamber.


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