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Who Killed the Electric Car?

Posted by MindChamber - January 31st, 2009

Has anyone seen this amazing documentary? It basically followed what happened in the 90s when the electric cars that being made in California, began to get noticed and swayed the public opinion away from gas cars.

Big Oil companies began to take notice, and squeezed the Big car companies into dropping the whole electric car biz all together. Brand new , totally unused Electric cars were ground into metal dust. Swept under the rug, and no one was the wiser.

The electric car business has always been an interest to me. There has been, in one form or another, an electric car since the early 1900s . Nikola Tesla was said to have had a prototype of a "horseless carriage", but I guess thats as far as it went.

Anyways, thanks to a smarter, more shrewed consumer, looks like hiking up gas prices and blaming it on a wars isn't gonna cut it this time. No matter what the oil companies tried to do, people stood home this Christmas, everyone tightened their belts, no one traveled, everyone is turning their backs towards the oil and gas industries and looking towards something better, and companies are scrambling to get a chance to grab that market again. The only problem this time is these dope new electric cars I've been seeing are fuckin expensive. I mean sure I would love a badass looking Electric car, The Tesla Roadster and the Chevy Volt make K.i.T.T. look like a model T. But who can afford that?

Like seriously, how is anyone saving anything if only a few rich people have electric cars, while the rest of the world is still on gas? By The Way, this is just the U.S. apparently every other country in Europe and China GET IT. They've had cheap Electric cars for years, while we choke down this nasty oil business.

Well It looks like Cheap Electric cars are coming back. While surfing the net, i found one. I was, like ho-lie shit , an electric commuter car for about the price of a Hyundai. Thats pretty hot. Always wanted an electric car, but figured it was going to be one of those eccentric dreams that only the rich can obtain. Even better this small company is located in Philly!! and these puppies are comin out this spring! I'mma start saving up for one now. Also don't forget to see the documentary.

BG Electric car

P.S. Im no Tree-hugger, for me its not about the environment, it's about lost technologies that were rightfully ours, but taken from us, out of greed.

Who Killed the Electric Car?


why has the world come to this?

Whoever the in this massive exotic lands invented the Electric car, i salute thee

Do you still have to charge an electric car like every 20 miles?

45mph limit? Well, guess you can't have it all.

Have a nice day.

Thats why I said commuter car, any farther and Id take a train, which is electric btw :3

PS that is a "state" regulated limit. In other words, it more than likely the car can go much faster but the state is putting a cap on it, Probably to make it less desirable.

Btw I have an electric bike from Walmart that only goes 15 (legal limit) but people have already modded that bike to go almost 35

Electric cars are great. They never hear you coming, so you get combo-points easily.

good point

We watched it in journalism. Kinda messed up how they'd only lease them, huh?

and even getting that lease, you had to get a huge background check and other hurdles you don't get when leasing a normal car.

pure grime

That car has frillz, watch out!

I'm all for the idea, by the way.

You think supporting a healthy enviroment is "bullshit"? I don't follow...

Theres no way this planet is being destroyed but such insignificant parasites such as the human race. If you want to support a healthy environment and make yourself feel better than sure do so. But i sincerely doubt it would create enough difference If we damage this planet enough it will reset itself, simple as that. Anyways you maybe right calling it BS may be harsh so I changed it. fweel bweta :3 ?

electric cars will take away from the oil companies, relinquishing all the money that builds our economy.

then electricity bills will go up, creating more power plants, specifically probably nuclear. then when someone drops a match our world will explode

then we find other ways to build the economy. Who says oil is what makes the world go around? You? Some greedy old men? fuck them, change it

I loved that movie. It was amazing. But you do know that they are making compressed air cars right? That's better than electric.

I like electric better. And the compressor takes as much electricity to fill that tank with pressure. Don't feel right knowing theres a billion tons of air pressure under my seat. and I dont want a simple fender-bender to turn into a scene where my car is zigzaging in the air deflating like some tom and jerry cartoon.

This one is sweet. Not to mention it looks like it came straight out of "The Jetsons."
<a href="http://www.aptera.com/index.php">http://www.aptera.com/index.php</a>

"Currently Aptera 2e availability is limited to residents of California." :(

forget elecrtic cars, WHAT ABOUT ELECTRIC LIGHTS. they have always been a con, i mean they break every other month. COWBOYS

I believe that at the moment cars powered by some sort of Hydrogen is very likely to happen. I saw that on Top Gear at least, and it showed petrol stations starting to put hydrogen as an option. It costs a little less than petrol and diesel, but its near limitless in supply and doesn't pollute. Don't know how realistic it is, or whether top gear where joking but it was along feature of it and Clarkson seemed pretty serious about it.

I'll look that up, There was few articles on it, and they showed a hydrogen chasis.. that basically resembled a giant skateboard, from there you can add any type of vehicle hull you wanted. Never hard much else afterwords . Aside that it takes alot of resources to refuel and build,

The oil companies only get away with this crap because they have the full support of the federal government and both major parties. We are living under a system of corporate socialism. Just look at the massive bailouts given to banks because they are "too big to fail." Subsidies, bailouts and protectionism for corporations at the expense of the people are the norm in Washington.

I hope that doesn't sound like a conspiracy theory. It is simply the reality of politics when you ignore the Constitution. When you let politicians do whatever they want, it goes without saying that they will serve the most powerful interest group.

i totally agree, the best way to change that is to ignore their products and funnel our money elsewhere, at until some regulation is made that inhibits our freedoms once again.

Great. More little cars getting in my way on the road when I'm cruising around in my Gundam Zoid Hummer mobile >:C

lol, Ill try and stay downwind from your smokey and farty hummer :p

I hope the have the horsepower.

I have one massive scepticism about the Electric Car. Yay, you don't have to use petrol, so that's good for the environment right?

Well, what do you do instead? Plug it in. Charge it up. What do you charge it up with? Electricity. Where does the electricity come from? Here, bitch: <a href="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d6/Coal_power_plant_Datteln_2_Crop1.png">http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia /commons/d/d6/Coal_power_plant_Dattel n_2_Crop1.png</a>

yeah except the amount of electricity it takes to recharge a battery is way less than it takes fill a tank of gas. or the tons of gas it takes to transport that gas. Electricity is already hardwired into our lifes. Overall it takes wayy less energy to use......bitch

But what about the electron fumes clogging up the atmosphere and causing a disco house effect?!

I heard about some come making an electric car thats only going to cost us about 5-10k to own.

But I think the fastest that could go was like, 40 mph.

this is probably it. but the speed limit is state regulated sadly.

We all have the solution in our hands....use bicycles O_O (or walk, and well if you want to travel across the world...mmh...buy some powerade)

But electric cars are sure great and useful !

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