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Quit Playing Flash Games on your KeyBoard!

Posted by MindChamber - May 8th, 2009

As flash games become more intense and complex, The keyboard really has become somewhat obsolete for anything of more the most casual of Flash games.

Thats where Joy2Key comes in.

This nifty little program has been around for Years, and I'm still surprised how little people know about it. Basically you run the program, and Map whatever keys you want to what ever button is on your controller. You can even map the mouse to the analogue stick for menu navigation, and Since flash isn't compatible with controllers (yet), this is really the best option out there. If it wasn't for this Newgrounds"Rumble would be impossible to play with 4 players. Hell this little program can take up to 16 controller inputs if you ever decided to make one big epic multiplayer.
Best of all Its damn Free.

As Flash games keep raising the bar, and becoming closer and closer in quality and complexity to that of console games, it only makes sense, that they be played with controllers.

PS this might help you babies get your last Pink Knight Medals too, lol

some tutorials:

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Quit Playing Flash Games on your KeyBoard!


i've always used my controllers for some games, but i never thought about flash games.. @___@ thanks mindchamber..

I must admit I haven't thought of playing any game on my computer with a controller in... well, a very VERY long time. However, this does seem to be a really cool thing to have.

Lol awesome idea.

Where can you get ahold of these controllers at? how much are they?

it works with any controller, Im just showing the one I use, since I play alot of GGPO

pre-orded it before the SF4 craze, its pretty much sold out everywhere

awesome, but it keeps saying that it can't find my controller.

make sure your computer can see your controller first, then reset joy2key

Don't be ridiculous, everyone knows that bashing the keyboard with your cock is the best way to play Flash games.

that's sweet cause i just learned a way to use my PS3 controller as a PC controller, i'll give this a shot :D


Ive known about that for years, I play mostly snes and n64 with my 360 controler, though I should get a SF4 controler for the snes games :P

I knew of this a long time. Its a great program.

And when each Flash game has different controls?Doesn't it become a little hard when you have to adjust that every time?

nope you can save each configuration under a new name, and when you are ready to play you just click the configuration you want.

I would have got it long ago, but I have a Mac. Unless somebody can send me to a Mac equivalent, I'll stick with my beloved keyboard. It's still a good piece of software.

Thats going to make it easier for me to be the first to win a million medals. XD

For some games like A Bad Taste of Pico that require the mouse to play them is it possible to take away the mouses control and make it a joysticks control?

Know what I mean?

yup, you can map mouse movements to your analogue stick just like an FPS game,

I just started using it and it's a great program. My usb controller came with a mapping program built in, but it's so convoluted to set up, j2k is a much easier option.

I just need that fucking sexy gamepad

I started using that around the time I got sick of using the keyboard for ROM's. With the way games are being made now, and the way my mind is used to using my thumbs instead of fingers, it's just way more natural.

There are a few games I've played on NG that did something that I'll probably mimic if/when I ever get down to making the game. Rather than have the wasd setup and mouse, the controls are mapped on the left and right of the keyboard (shift, ctrl, z), (enter, +, Del). That way, you hold your keyboard sort of like a controller. It's a tad awkard, but easier to use in the long-run since you get to use your thumbs like you would a controller. :D

Ive done that, played games with keys set up like a giant gamepad, and I feel like a retard

Would've used it if there was a Mac equivalent... oh well

Xpadder is better. cheers:)

Nothing is better than Free

mindchamber....this is really interesting it might change the way we play flash games. thank god i have a xbox 360 controller.

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