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NG:Rumble updates.

Posted by MindChamber - September 29th, 2007

NegativeOne made some updates on NG rumble.

September 28th, 2007 - UPDATE
Hopefully the last one for a while :P Sorry if anyone loses their save file over this (don't think they will), but this is just one last iteration on the Madness update since a lot of people are finding Hank's final level too hard. There are fewer henchmen to kill now, and that's all you have to do to complete the level. Fixed a couple of minor bugs as well.

September 25th, 2007 - UPDATE
Before anything else, let me remind everyone that you might have to clear your cache for this update to show up for you. If you go into Options->Data and the number at the bottom left is 1.21, then you're seeing the most recent version. Sorry if anyone loses their save file again from this update, but it should be the last one for a while. All that said, Hank is now available in Story mode and Survival mode! There are also a bunch of bug fixes, challenge modifications, and a new easter egg or two to stumble upon ;) Enjoy!

September 22nd, 2007 - UPDATE
Barely made the Madness Day deadline >__>. That aside, Mindchamber and I rushed on a VERY tight schedule to bring you a much-demanded and long-awaited update - Hank is now a member of the NGR roster, and you're welcome to fight in Nevada if you please. I went for a modest Madness Combat style for the level, whereas Jose pulled out all the stops with an impressive Consternation-era Hank effectively making my level look like shit. For now, you can only use this character and level in Versus, but survival and story Hank will be coming shortly. Hope you enjoy both all the same. Sorry to anyone who loses their save files because of this update and those soonafter.

September 17th, 2007 - UPDATE
Sorry, no new characters or anything at this point. This is just a desperately overdue update addressing several bug reports, adding 4-player capability for those who have joysticks, making "OMFG" difficulty genuinely hard, and sorting out a few of the balance issues (Sorry S'asshole fans :P). Nonetheless, there miiight be some more content added in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out! For now, lemme know if you catch any bugs created by this update.

In production since December 2005, this hefty s.o.b. has taken a small handful of Newgrounders a lot of work to put together. So you guys had better enjoy it!
Take a moment to configure the options to suit your control style and computer processor.

NG Rumble.

and heres the lil program I use to play this game with 4 controllers. its called

There I posted somethin,

NG:Rumble updates.



hank rocks man good on ya for adding him in

add sinister next.

Ugh, i cant figure out how to use Joy2Key, somebody help me >_<

(no thanx, the guide on the site was confusing as well)


your loss

are you going to add strawberry clock on the next clock day? or Dad on fathers day? or maybe darnell on the next pico day? =3

I adore Hank's aerial attacks. I could do them for hours.

Couldn't ya make Hank a LITTLE faster.

The Filesize is getting too big. Make it Downloadable so we can finally play it without waiting hours on end.

get off yer mom's rotary modem

we either need sbc, bitey, or chainsaw dad

FUCKING PUSSYS hank's level was just fine.

lol, like you actually beat it Xp

make foamy the next playable character and give him the power to bitch about everything and tween around the screen

actually dont even move him just make him a stiff reused drawing that doesnt do anything at all

im thinkin about adding wonchop to the next rumble .. lol

So how long did it take ya to get all the animation and crap done for Hank?

4 days, straight

you should add blockhead

Hank's last lvl is still too hard, I got 22 kills and still no end WHAT THE FUCK.

The only way this game could get any better, is with online multiplayer.

Wouldn't that be a good idea?

yes it would

Hey, that's nice! I've played the game using him and I've found it hard because he's very slow but his attacks strong.

you deserve your own character ;)

Alloy's in there.

yah...hanks final mission was frikken RIDICULOUS! i think i got up to near 30 killed and STILL didn't win! It was especially ridiculous if you look at the other final missions, not NEARLY as hard.

P.S. how many were there to kill?

between 30 & 50

You should do a vote for what character to add next.

no need, everyone would vote SBC!!

You guys just need a giant penis as a playable character. That would make my life complete <33

MindChamber I realy trying to get 51 or 52 hit with Hank on omfg.I realy try

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