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Off the Back Burner..

Posted by MindChamber - March 22nd, 2010

and into the Oven...

Im back on, that on again off again P-Bot cartoon. Even after a terrible crash that took all my background models away, Im finally back on this thing. Shook off some demons , got a better computer and its go time. This will definitely be finished within the next couple of months.

Off the Back Burner..


good for you man!
Thats a good attitude

much success to your future projects.


can't wait

well.....even though I would've liked this sooner....good luck.

better late than never... but youre right Im sorry,

Ill mail back your deposit.

awsome dude!

*cough cough SteamPunk.....

cough cough* Bomtoons flaked out on us, go talk to him about it, or wait for another programmer*.. cough cough, hack

just be sure, that if you're the last one out, to hit the lights.

http://newsimg.ngfiles.com/185000 /185455_Thumbs_up.jpg

Yeah, working on big stuff sucks sometimes. And all your 3D shit gettin all corrupt; what the fuck! How come that never happens to small stuff?
If you have to redo a bunch o shit- at least it'll probably look better the second time round. Y'know, silver linin n all that shite.
Anyway I'll probably watch it when it comes out and think it's fab without caring how long it took.
Feel free to take a break. I'm probly not the only guy who doesnt know what this is.

Nice to hear you got working on it again. Really sorry all the graphics were deleted, that happened to me a couple of weeks ago with a flash project I was working, I was devastated, so I know how ya feel. Good luck with it!

Even you guys suffer from Computer crashes! Well the Flash is gonna be great thats for sure.

you should get on AIM more often kid

oh and sorry to hear your computer crashed and all that, that totally sucks man


you are the best troll ever!

too much blurs and glows, but i like that left guys face

they are watching a movie, the glow fluctuates.

Use version control this time!

Looks cool. I'm assuming of course that that's one of the frames.

What kind of cartoon is it? :o

Best of luck to ye in your work. I know how much a pain in the ass it is to start up something after loosing all your crap on it. Tis easy to simply throw in the towel and say "fuck it". Shows great character that yer still going at it.

Good luck! I always look forward to what you develop next.

hey, both happyfaic and angrnyfaic have reached puberty, at least if judged off the three pupbic-hairs both have on their chins. lolol. ^_______________^

lol yah :)

Dont you love programmers :)

Ooh this is wicked ive always liked your style of coloring and drawing. And the F-bot game was pretty awsome too! So i cant wait for this cartoon! And if you need a DnB theme song im your man ;)

Take it by the horns and kick it's ass man, these animated films need to learn that they can't stay incomplete forever.

Can't wait to see it.

Thanks Haps You gotta know this you're an inspiration to a bunch of us at the office and Im sure plenty more on the site. seeing you pump out your fully animated shorts in such rediculously short time spans is whats getting a fire lit under my ass , keep up it up

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