Robot Day Approaches, resistance is futile!

2010-06-10 20:38:37 by MindChamber

Just a friendly Reminder, Our first ever Robot Day Kicks off July 10th. That's exacly one month away!
Lets make it the most kickass NG holiday ever!

This time the Prizes have been broken up evenly into five categories

Movie, Game, Music, Art, and Writing

Its 250.00 for first place
40.00 for second
30.00 for third redeemable in cash or store credit.

Then theres the 500.00 bonus prize for the movie (or game), that does the best job of collaborating with users from other categories , kinda like Power of 3, but for movies as well.

Deadline is July 10th 11:59PM eastern Standard time

really try and make it.

Other requirements:

All Movie submissions must have the Robot Day 2010 preloader splash which will be released the week before.
All Music submissions must have "robotday2010" in the description, or "rd2010" in the title.

you should also link to it here in the Robot Day Audio thread

All Writing submissions are being posted in the Robot Day writing thread.

All Art submissions must have "robotday2010" in their tags when submitting to the art portal, as well as be submitted to the Robot Day Art Thread

all these threads link to discussions threads where you can get advice or get suggestions on your work before officially submitting .

at this time, I haven't made a discussion thread for the animation forum, as animators tend keep their ideas close to the chest until the final reveal, but if you guys want one, and think it would help, let me know.
Also please try and make something original for RobotDay. Granted Robots are a very popular subject, and I'm sure theres already work you have that pertains to them, but we want something fresh.

In the meantime Im working on the sidebanner art for robotday, its going to be a collage of all the Robots that run newgrounds, heres a WIP of PBOT almost finished, the rest are outlined and have flat colors but I liked how this looked with the ruffs in the background . you'll see the finished piece on robot day, JEAH!

Robot Day Approaches, resistance is futile!


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2010-06-10 20:53:05

I may have time, but no promises.


2010-06-10 20:57:13

I started something.. maybe be 60% done, but I dunno, I may scrap it. It's really tweeny.


2010-06-10 20:57:54

Must... resist...


2010-06-10 20:59:41

im giddy with excitedment! (nice pbot!)


2010-06-10 21:00:35

hey you're coloring within the lines! :P

MindChamber responds:

F u


2010-06-10 21:20:29

robot fetish

MindChamber responds:



2010-06-10 21:35:17

Your post, discarding words not containing '-bot', looks like this:

Robot Robot Robot robotday2010 Robot Robot robotday2010 Robot RobotDay Robots robotday Robots PBOT robot

I've been aware of Robot Day since its first announcement but I'll admit I haven't prepared anything. Next year I should challenge myself to make something for all the big Newgrounds holidays.


2010-06-10 21:49:00

awesome it pwns cant wait for robot day


2010-06-10 22:24:39

i wish i was taking a cooler program in college that allowed me to submit robot animations and or drawings as homework. i <////D robots


2010-06-10 23:04:31

A little busy with flash obligations, but you'll bet your shiny metallic ass I'll churn out something for the Art Portal. I don't even care if I win; mech's are my thing.


2010-06-11 00:06:44

I hope to get mine done in time. Also where have you been the last week?

MindChamber responds:

Lol. That'll be the day when I have to answer to interns >:c


2010-06-11 02:39:51

I thought the deadline was June 10th. Damn I better get working on another robot.


2010-06-11 02:53:30

I gotta say that what you folks are doing is simply awesome. The projects you're setting up, bringing video, game, writing, audio and art together to make this as big as possible is really just great.

I really do hope it turns out well, and have been helping one or two folks with writing projects so I can at least put something towards this.

Again to use the same phrase but... I also really hope that more things like this come up, drawing together so many different styles of artists and creators to make something really special for Newgrounds.

Well done NG staff, you have my applause.

MindChamber responds:

I feel the same way! hopefully this will be a sign of more to come.


2010-06-11 03:17:05

You've delivered the means, now it's on the shoulders of the user base. Admins can not do everything, sometimes we need to give back.


2010-06-11 03:44:15



2010-06-11 04:36:40

lets make it today


2010-06-11 06:00:09

would cyborgs count?
coz they're actually cybernetic organisms and not really robots
i think


2010-06-11 09:53:43

Wow this could get big since alot of people are going for it. But why did you come up with this idea?


2010-06-11 10:50:33

Will Robot Day become annual?


2010-06-11 11:06:52

that's awesome. you should bring out a new bot on robot day.


2010-06-11 14:29:26

wait is that freaky looking one.....I-BOT?


2010-06-11 14:45:28



2010-06-11 19:17:43

I'm almost done my art portal submission and I've got a pretty sick story for the writing forum! They both should be up sometime this month!


2010-06-11 22:19:06

Cool. Too bad my RD submission isn't eligible for the contest.


2010-06-12 07:11:30

Too bad!I was about to submit art on Robot Day but I only got MS Paint!


2010-06-12 07:54:43


MindChamber responds:

As long as its a cyborg more in the vien of robocop than terminator


2010-06-12 19:49:45

I have made something for robot day but I'm banned from the Audio Portal so can I submit it here and then just post a link in the Robot Day thread? Or maybe someone will unban me (I doubt it) or, as a last resort, should I make a new account?

MindChamber responds:

I asked you why where you banned, you never told me, and no that audio portal is not accceptable


2010-06-12 22:41:19

I'm considering setting up a collaboration for a poetry/art storybook. Technically, it's neither film nor game, but I'm guessing it'd just be judged as such in the collaboration pile, correct?

MindChamber responds:

Yah should be fine


2010-06-13 19:03:04

Looks like my P-Bot art. LOL

MindChamber responds:

No,your pbot looks like shit, LOL


2010-06-13 22:38:19

Looking great! You should record your work and post it on youtue... you know, one of those sped up videos! Would be fun to watch your progress! Can't wait to see the finished piece!!! :D

MindChamber responds:

Haha I ain't good enough to do that, but thanks


2010-06-14 02:48:50

I sent you a PM but incase you send me a PM back and I don't get it (like last time) I'll post here aswell. Here is an extract from my PM:

I got banned because instead of submitting the good music first I choose to submit the crappy guitar loop and got banned for that. I promise you though that if I get unbanned I will not ever, EVER submit anything unless I think it's good enough to submit. (Please respond quick, I'm going to Italy in 3 days)

MindChamber responds:

There's plenty of shit music in the portal, no one gets banned for shitty submissions. Unless that loop wasn't your own


2010-06-14 08:36:12

I seem to notice that you are deleting some of my comments!

MindChamber responds:

stop posting about cracks or asking for cracks.


2010-06-14 09:33:05

True, true.


2010-06-14 13:52:37



2010-06-15 07:32:05

What cracks?

MindChamber responds:

You're asking for/and posting about pirated software. Just cut it out


2010-06-15 08:42:08

I do?I didn't seem to notice that.Sorry about that!

MindChamber responds:

sure no problem :)

P.S. now take off that link to the pirated flash 8 you have on your userpage, before I have your account deleted.


2010-06-15 11:26:03

Yay. I love robots! Btw awesome P.Bot drawing.


2010-06-15 20:09:28

Great job on the art work so far. I have a question though, do you think your P-Bot movie gonna come out on Robot Day, or do you not really have a release date yet?

MindChamber responds:

the plan is to release a teaser, the actual movie is 15min, and I work on it on my spare time now, so no release date on that, sorry


2010-06-15 23:32:38

Looks terible-ly great! I'll be submiting some pixal art, your very good at art, I guess that's why you do all the pictures on NG, like that picture of p-bot when I was signing up, and that picture of pico putting his hand in that scaning thing when I was getting validated.


2010-06-16 02:04:08

Okay I deleted that news post!

MindChamber responds:



2010-06-16 11:02:24

I always figured F-Bot was A-bot's bitch for some reason.

Also: In M-Bot's userpage banner you can see his left hand as being a normal hand. When did it change to a gun? Or has he got some kind of transformers thing goin' on?

I thought G-Bot had wheels too, but meh. I think too much about pointless details anyway. I'd LOVE to do some bot drawings, but (as you can see from the one on my page) I'm really not capable of doing them well enough. God I wish I could draw worth a shit...

..OOH, I know; I'll do I-Bot. No-one knows what he's supposed to look like anyway, so I can't really fuck that up, right? Right?? ( ._.)

(Updated ) MindChamber responds:

F-bot is just posin on him, thats all :) and Mbot does have two hands and only transforms it to a gun when in battle, or in this case posing. and yes Gbot has wheels..

just draw for fun, dont worry about the rest


2010-06-17 06:07:54

Who made and is currently programming all the 6 Bots in NG anyway?And how does F-Bot help on NG.I also have a few ideas for an extra 2 robots on NG(and thank goodness they aren't related to any pirated software).


2010-06-17 13:00:26

Why the fuck is F-Bot in there?

MindChamber responds:

because shes an official Bot on newgrounds, why the fuck, do you think?


2010-06-18 01:22:51

At last!Three out of eight...I mean...six robots!Yeah!The reason is why I said 8 is because I have a few ideas for 2 new bots and I can't draw them because I only have that damn MS Paint.Or should I call it MS Pain in mah butt!

MindChamber responds:

Download. Gimp


2010-06-18 11:31:42

Who is on the right of P-Bot (our left)?


2010-06-18 11:31:52

Great stuff! You're a great artist, MindChamber.


2010-06-18 12:48:16

yor drawings are epic!!!!What colours are you using??

MindChamber responds:



2010-06-18 12:51:04

And really,WHAT DOES F-BOT DO???????

MindChamber responds:



2010-06-18 15:20:37

LOLZ F-bot is for feminine robot so I think that she will..uh MindChamber! What .let reveal...she does....
[RPGShadow is getting gaged,kidnapped,and beaten up by me MindChanber,Mwuh! ha! ha! ha! ha!]

MindChamber responds:



2010-06-18 22:56:00

I escaped the grasp of that evil mindchamber...but I can't tell you what F-bot does now, since I accepted to not reveal anything about her in exchange of [drum roll] A P-BOT PLUSHIE!!!!(Its so CUTE) :3
[Î'm plying with my pushie nowlike 4 year old, hihihihi]


MindChamber responds: